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Unlock the key to survival in 10 Days to Save the World, a hidden object race to prevent the extinction of mankind! Two years ago, Diana and her sister found an ancient amulet while treasure hunting deep in the ocean. Recently, it started to act strangely, coinciding with a rash of natural disasters. Fearing that this amulet might be the cause of what's happening, Dianna sets out to search for answers with the help of her archaeologist father. But is she too late to stop a global catastrophe? Search for answers to this mystery and help Dianna prevent the end of the world! Visit ancient Mayan temples to understand what is happening. Perform powerful rituals, solve challenging puzzles and locate the answers needed to reveal the impending danger. Play 10 Days to Save the World free with the demo version or download the full version today and save humanity!

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    A hidden object game that entails saving this planet from disaster in a matter of 10 days. All this and more to do in this fantastic casual game adventure from Flywheel Games. This is a sequel to 10 days under the sea and has Diana Salinger and her father looking around for clues to find a way of averting. Diana and her sister Carrie had chanced upon a mysterious amulet a couple of years back and she feels that the recent occurrences of natural calamities like flooding in Africa and drought in Venice are somehow connected. A hidden object game ensues at this point as Diana hunts around for pointers that can prove to be helpful in saving mother Earth. When you play free games involves finding objects from jumbled up scenes and backgrounds. Apart from the usual seek and find tasks, there are inventory puzzles to solve where you need to put parts of an item together and carry out the necessary steps to get a job done. Like to retrieve information from the laptop, you would be required to power it on, get fuel for generating power and finally unlock a safe to find the login password. Compelling graphics and the evenly paced challenge sets this game apart from the rest of the games in the HOG genre.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 72

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