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Prevent a modern-day oceanic tragedy in 1912 Titanic Mystery! To celebrate the anniversary of the Titanic's maiden voyage, a new ship named Titanic II is ready to complete the transatlantic crossing. Making the trip as a descendant of the original passengers, what looks to be a joyful event for you, quickly turns into a chase for survival. A bomb is aboard the Titanic II and you are the sole person who can find it! Search for the bomb throughout the ship, finding hidden objects and picking up clues. Discover hidden diary entries left by the perpetrator and find out how they tie in to this new threat. Solve puzzles, play mini-games, learn facts and reward yourself with wallpapers of original Titanic locations. Play 1912 Titanic Mystery free with the demo version or download the full version and keep this tragedy from happening all over again!

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    The game follows the adventure of Titanic's twin Titanic II as it sets sails in the Atlantic Ocean. Titanic II is also about to follow the same route as its namesake and you need to make sure that Titanic II reaches its destination and there are no accidents or misfortunes this time. So you get onboard the Titanic II and before you even look around your cabin, you find a diary. There are pages missing from it but a letter in it to say that there is a bomb planted somewhere in the ship. Thus begins an adventurous journey of collecting clues and piecing puzzles together as you make your way through the ship and talk to people in order to find the bomb. The game is divided into levels each with 10 different objects to find. Once all the objects are identified you need to put together a puzzle and complete the level. Puzzles can range from reassembling a picture from pieces, to deciphering a word using Morse alphabet. In between levels you also interact with different characters on the ship and try to locate the missing pages which can direct you to the bomb. You can collect as many as six life savers at a time which help you with hints if you get stuck somewhere. The story in the game is an engrossing one and soon grows into a very personal and enthralling account of life, the past, love, and survival. The beautiful and rich graphics with around 30 or more wallpapers to unlock make this game a truly enjoyable one. As a bonus you can learn interesting facts and a lot about the history of this ship as you play this game. This is truly a hidden object adventure you would not want to miss!!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 68

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