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Halo Infinite studio "not interested in battle royale"

Teased at E3 this year, it looks like Halo Infinite (of Halo 6) will not get battle royale mode.

Xbox One gets two more backwards compatible games

The Xbox One gets two more games for backwards compatibility, an action and a strategic game.

Overwatch's new Hero "Hammond" goes like next week

The Small rodent in a wrecking ball is going live next week as Overwatch's latest hero.

Check out System Shock Remake screenshots and concept art

Nightdive Studios has shared some screenshots of the remake!

Belgian and Netherlands CS:GO players can't access loot boxes anymore

If you live in The Netherlands or in Belgium, say bye-bye to loot cases in CS:GO

CD Projekt Red hints a new "The Witcher" game

During an interview with a polish website the CEO hinted at a new "The Witcher" Game.

PUBG devs focusing on anti-cheat, bugs and performance

PUBG devs say are still trying hard to prevent cheating and improve performance.

New Dark Souls Remastered Mod improves textures

If you feel like the remaster just is not good enough, then the new mod will give you even more eye candy for you to enjoy.

Pink Mercy from Overwatch raises almost $13 million for breast cancer research

The sales of the pink skin for Overwatch's Mercy has raised millions for breast cancer research.

Free PS Plus Games For July 2018

Solid game for this month on PS Plus

Nintendo 64 games emulated on Nintendo Switch

Hackers have found a way to emulate the Nintendo 64 on the Switch

New Far Cry 5 patch brings photo mode

The new Far Cry 5 brings a long-awaited feature to the table - photo mode!

Awesome PlayStation 4 games on sale right now!

Time to empty your wallet and fill up your storage.

DeepMind AI plays Quake III Arena like a human

Google's DeepMind AI is now capable of playing Quake III arena just like a human would.

DRM Freedom sale on Humble Bundle is live!

The week-long sale is currently live, and there are some awesome games on sale!

Fortnite's cracks are expanding

The crack soon Fornite's sky are getting bigger and bigger after the rocket launch.

Lenovo rep accidentally confirms Nvidia GTX 11-series

During an interview with YouTuber "Brainbean", mentioning a 1180 "down the road".

Left 4 Dead developer hiring for unannounced AAA game

Looks like Turtle Rock Studios need some extra workforce for an unannounced AAA game.

GPU Prices might come down next month

Looks like that GPU prices might drop by 20% next month according to sources, and it does make sense when you think about it.

Five Nights at Freddy's Ultimate Custom Night is officially here and it is crazy!

Released two days earlier (typical for Scott) the new FnaF game brings ALL characters from the series into one place, and they are all after you!

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Madden NFL 15

Madden NFL 15 delivers on defense, providing a variety of new pass rush moves to help players disrupt the backfield, as well as new tackling mechanics that make it easier than ever to wrap up your opponent or make the big hit in the hopes of making him cough up the football.

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Free Xbox games this month

Xbox Live has updated its free games with the Gold lineup for this month.

Christmas Tiles

Christmas style mahjong game

The Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature

The Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature, is introduced in November 2015.

Six New Street Fighter 5 Characters Confirmed For Season 3 Of Content

Capcom has announced that six new DLC characters will arrive in 2018.

Corum Online

Corum Online is a Fantasy Online Role-Playing game developped by NetTimeSoft.

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