"Next" No man's sky update brings many imporvements

"Next" No man's sky update brings many imporvements description



No Man's Sky is getting a new update and it is bringing in a lot of new changes, notable in the graphical department. This blog post  from the developer outlines all of the changes brought in the update. The update includes massively improved draw distance," allowing you to see further into the horizon, and "new dynamic tessellation [that] enables detailed terrain height maps without sacrificing performance." The latter won't necessarily be available to everyone, as Hello notes that "tessellation will be rolling out in parity to all platforms that can support it very soon."


But it is not just visual changes - the actual geography of the planets is more different, too! Hello says that it's improved "planetary terrain generation [to] create more varied alien environments, featuring higher mountains and more navigable cave systems."

However, only visual changes will not change people's thoughts about this game. We will have to wait and see how the gameplay changes fit together in order to figure out just how much has changed and if it will make the game more appealing to more people.

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