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Reylin is a tinker, a seeker of tales and explorer of things unknown. She has a sense for magic and can feel its presence. This is why a monk has sent her to the small village of Brenn, where a crumbling tower lies. It's a maze full of secrets and dangers that only a few have the courage to visit. Within, a young girl is trapped and is at the mercy of a wicked curse. Do you dare venture in with Reylin and save the girl? Explore this ancient tower and its mysterious surroundings to break the curse. Navigate through 30 beautiful and strange environments filled with devious traps and puzzles. Search for helpful items, unlock secret areas, and meet strange beings, some who wish to do you harm, but others who wish to help on your quest.

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    Depending on where you live you will have different experiences with them as they too have different cultures in different regions of the world. But most of us know, or at least they think they do, the dark and mysterious secret about the gypsy’s (as this information isn’t used almost a gazillion times in TV show and movies). However this remains unclear as there are people who believe in such things and the ones that don’t. To be honest I’m one of the believers that see a shadow in the darkness, but also the dream catcher. In this story you won’t facing that kind of things, or that’s at least what you need to think when taking the job. A monk hired you to search for a specific woman that has disappeared and the only thing that he said is that a woman is trapped in a certain tower, but they weren’t able to rescue here from ‘something’. And that is where every inflow of information ends for your, expect the ones you will discover for yourself. You’ll start then your search, first around the tower, as this a HOG but it has elements of another genre, adventure games. Soon after your search starts you will start discovering different items all across the filed around the tower, but you won’t be able to touch them that is pick them up, mostly… In general the items that you will be finding in the gameplay will all be unpick-able because they all have predetermined items that need to be found somewhere else. However you won’t be looking for too long, as usually the items that you need to unlock that wanted item are sitting somewhere nearby rarely out of the scene. But finding those items won’t be a piece of cake at all, as those items are most of the times so well concealed in some artwork or just somewhere that finding it seems like a missions impossible. Those items that you need to find are shown to you within a circle that appears at the item you are trying to pick up. The game has a nice feature added to the game. During your gameplay you will be coming across some crystals. Now those crystals aren’t there just like that, as they are used to help you through the game. The crystals are money in this game, and you will come across stores across the game which will offer some very helpful stuff that will help you advance through the game. But besides being the currency in the game the crystals play another role. If you collect all the crystals within the level you will be rewarded with a map fragment. Now looking from a single point the map fragment doesn’t help you at all, especially on the beginning of the game, but multiple fragments will certainly show its usefulness later in the game, when you start searching for things all over the map, and will have to move to places that are far away from your current position, making those map fragments very useful. Besides the main gameplay what would be a game without the mini-games. The mini-games in this game are something quite different, not so much seen because of its level of difficulty. The games will challenge you in many ways but mostly you will find brain teasers. The main story of the game will be happening in a maze that covers the complete map. There are plenty of surprises there that await you and mostly you will be pleasantly surprised. Starting from the characters that you will meet there, basically you will meet the entire fairy tale squad that appeared sometimes in tales. There will be also animals besides the magical creature, but one of the things that I found interesting is the machinery that is able to control the weather. If you every feel a bit lost during the game or simply can’t find the specific item you shouldn’t have to great problems. The hint system is there to solve most of the dilemmas that you are in and find the items that you can’t find. Still if you like the old fashioned clicking & searching then this is a game for you. The game is set not to make any penalties for making too much miss-clicking so you can click away as much as you like. As for the graphics of the game, they are adapted to the game’s story in every possible way. The animations that the game provides are simply beautiful and surely it is the strongest and the best side of the game. The fantasy world has collided with our own, so it is up to you to find the solution and to find the missing woman and see what is all the fuss about!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 50

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