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Amelie is headed for the tropics after successfully restoring her grandfather's old caf. She only has three things on her mind however, and those are sun-drenched days, carefree nights, and opening the best beachfront caf an island paradise has ever seen. Are you ready for this fun and fast-paced challenge? Guide Amelie and turn a ramshackle hut into the classiest joint on the island. Cater to a variety of guests, keeps her cooks busy, and rack up big money in more than 50 levels across three locations. Stay on our toes to upgrade the caf, as well as helpers, and try your best to get those unique achievements. You can also enjoy a special Match 3 mini-game that allows you to earn useful power-ups as you play. With simple but challenging gameplay, colorful graphics, and two game modes to master, this is your island ticket to fun!

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    Amelie is back and she returns in style. After helping her grandfather with his restaurant in the big city she decided to go to the next level and try something even more challenging. This time the challenge is located on a tropical island. The game features two modes, the story mode with 49 levels, and a survival mode with three different grades of difficulty. As the game’s story isn’t one of her stronger sides you will notice that ‘the story’ isn’t connected with the first part too much. The story mode is the classical and the easier of the two modes, and if you aren’t acquainted that much with the game, proximately 3h will be enough for you to finish it completely. You know that saying: “Good things shouldn’t be changed”, well that’s what Alvar Entertainment was probably thinking when releasing this part. But even though that sentence is mostly true, in this case it more than half true, about 70%. We are dealing with almost the same game from the first release with only the difference in the scenery background. Like I said the game hasn’t been change much which is not necessarily a bad thing, but a little more variation and challenge would have added a lot to the game’s overall value. As for the game’s upgrades that are available, those are too pretty much copy paste done, but still they do their job pretty well with allowing your staff and you some neat abilities. You take control of a waitress, Amelie, working at a diner. As customers come in, you take their order and relay them to the cooking staff. After the food is ready, you run it to the correct customers as fast possible – the longer you take the less money you get. On top of his, they throw in extra challenges like cleaning the kitchen and combination orders to make the whole rhythm a bit more challenging. The pace of Amelie’s Café: Summer Time becomes fast early on, because even if you have to make sure that the stations of your staff are clean, and orders must be delivered, and that new meals are being prepared it just doesn’t stop there… Besides the gameplay, another thing that has been taken from the first part of the game is the mini-games. You will get a match 3 mini-game at every level on the bottom of the screen. There are five different symbols appearing representing five different power-ups which help you through the game play. Depending on what you need you can choose a power-up from sweets, cleaning, money, freezing or speed bonuses. Every one of them is almost equally useful, but every in its own way. The thing where you will get stuck mostly is when given a chain command, and if you miss-click just once and get the order wrong, canceling it is almost impossible. Luckily the levels are short and quick and repeating it is the most logical and best solution in those cases. The only really big flaw of the game is its length. The game is pretty much short, and time fly’s by when you are having fun. Luckily the Survival mode, offers three different difficulties, to extend the game and make it more challenging for you, and more interesting. Here you can play, earn money, and upgrade your café until you have lost three dis-satisfied customers, and the upgrades can be purchased by reaching certain amounts of money. Amelie’s Café, even if not an original game and yes pretty much copied from its predecessor, it still delivers a lot of fun which can’t be said for the most of the games on the casual market. What it lacks in the originality, it makes up as much as it can with beautiful graphics, and nice sound in the game. The overall score of the game when summarized gives it a high grade making it one of the better games on the market, wanted and very playable. You have the demo to try… Decide for yourself.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 82

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