Android 4.2 - New Features, Same Name (Jelly Bean)

Android 4.2 - New Features, Same Name (Jelly Bean) description

Google has recently released Android 4.2, but has decided to keep the name Jelly Bean. The reason not to change the name seems correct because the new update is just a feature extension to Android 4.1, Jelly Bean.

The New Features

Gesture Typing: Have you ever used the third party Android app named Swype? The app makes it possible to just glide your hand over the keyboard to finish a word. This has been integrated to Android 4.2 as a stock application.

Photo Sphere Camera: Google has decided to upgrade its panorama camera function. Now you can take vertical panorama pictures, and also stitch photos taken from multiple angles.

Daydream: Kind of a screen saver, which displays useful information on the screen of your Android device while it is idle.

Multi-User Tablets: This new feature that comes with Android 4.2 allows many users to create user accounts and have their own home screens on a single tablet. Much like the user accounts on a traditional PC.

Wireless Sharing: This feature is like Apple's AirPlay. Via this you can display the screen of your device on your TV.

Updates to Android Beam: Beam is Android’s Near Field Communications (NFC) function. The function allows Android users to share music, photos, directions, videos or websites with a single touch. This is a function that came with Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), and they have made some improvements to the function.

Android 4.2 - New Features, Same Name (Jelly Bean) screenshots

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