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James and Grace, along with their new son Colin, are going on vacation. They are off to visit the folks for some needed rest and relaxation but quickly find themselves the owners of a Montana antiques shop. Help them get this new store up and running by collecting wonderful old-time treasures and selling them to waiting clients in an all-new search through the American heartland. Travel with Grace and explore lush scenes from Montana to Louisiana as she looks for valuable rarities and touching keepsakes. Sell them to customers and with the money earned, buy souvenirs and store upgrades to decorate your shop. Solve unique puzzles with the help of your customizable puppy, enjoy three styles of hidden object play, and earn fun trophies for a job well done. Antiquing through the USA has never been more fun.

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    Introduction: There has been always something in collecting old things, or in general keeping things until they become old and therefore gain on value. As this is mentioned the general reason for collecting antiques is the money that can be charged from them, but there are other reasons like the meaning of those items to its owner mostly emotional meaning! People are different and they all go by the state of their necessities. Our characters are back in this business again, but this time the reason isn’t the same as in the original part of the game. Gameplay: The first part of the game is all about Grace’s and James’s travel across the country to find antiques and then sell them all over the USA. After many travels and things sold, they are finally planning to take a break from all of it and together with their newborn son Colin and their very clever puppy are heading for a deserved vacation with Grace’s parents. When they reach their destination in Montana, they are welcomed with a surprise from Grace’s parents as they have taken over their job and are starting to collect antiques for themselves in hope of opening their own store. For all of those which are hoping in finding an ordinary hidden object game, they will be clearly disappointed by the whole thing, as the game will provide besides adventure and hidden object genre, time management genre. To begin with, you will decide if you want to play in timed mode or untimed mode. The timed mode is different from the standard time management option that is available in these games, as the clock for finishing a level is going backwards, but forwards. So there is no real time limit, but there is stimulation for you to find in completing the game, before the general time has passed so you can win rewards. These rewards are gotten simply by playing the game and following the course of the game, like buying upgrades or finding certain items. The general idea of the gameplay is the following: customers come in to the shop to buy whatever they want. They will be entering in groups and will served in groups, however every single one of them has a specific request for you to what they want out of the shop. As a customer is served, another one enters the shop and so forth. The customers have a certain period of wait time before they become very unpleased. The longer it takes for you to serve your customer the less money you will be able to charge it for the item he/she wants to buy. As you play, you'll earn cash which can be used to upgrade your new store and stock it with all sorts of unusual items from across the country, and also unlock cute wardrobe items for your puppy so you can dress him up like an old-time aviator, an Indian chief or even Uncle Sam. The puppy plays a certain role in this game, as he is the hint system of the game. The puppy helps you with the search for items and after you used him once, it takes time before it recharges again. There is however another solution to the waiting, as there are bones hidden across the levels, you can find and will give you immediate access to another hint. Besides the bones for the puppy you can find hidden in the levels, there are special hidden items that are not that obligatory to find in the game for these items to be found, you need to meet certain conditions to obtain them, like one of my favorites is the scene with the lioness. The lioness has a gold tooth in her mouth and you must take it away, but to do that you have to tranquilize her first. As this is only the tip of the ice berg, you will start to have requests from customers that will require from you to collect multiple items that will lead to collection of one general item. To complete this item, it will be generally followed by a mini-game in the hidden object scene in order to complete it. The upgrades of the game are easily acquired for the most of the game, as the income of money through the game will rise dramatically as you play, and therefore providing you with more money than you can possible spend during the game. After you buy the last of the upgrades early on the game you will probably be disappointed in that part of the game, but for some reason I have a feeling it is meant to be like that and probably to introduce this game type to new players and prepare them for the upcoming sequels. If you somehow get lost or simply become unaware of where you are currently located in the game, there is a map to show your current location, however there is no ‘teleport’ option to use during the map screen. Graphics and sound: Putting aside all of those haunted mansions and spooky basements; you get a really colorful game with lots of details to go around with. The graphics expresses itself in its best light, probably during the mini-games and puzzles that you encounter through the game. The hidden object scenes are bright and colorful, the cut-scenes and dialogue are amusing and thankfully short, and there are a lot of fun details to be found within this amusing game. The audio in the background is constantly played by multiple instruments, keeping the atmosphere of the game in motion, and when you find some items, like the animals, there are fitting sounds played for those scenes. All in all a game with a nice number of pros but also some very moderate cons, which might cause with the better players early bothersome, as they will probably earn and win everything before the game is at its end.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 202

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