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Following 5 beta versions, today Apple Inc. released the latest version of iOS, iOS 6.1. This is the earliest major point update to the iOS 6, the successor of iOS 5 (final version was 5.1.1), since it was released in September 2012. iOS 6 was the fastest beta-to-product development of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The update, which was released yesterday morning (28th Jan 2013), is available for downloading through iTunes and also as an over-the-air update, will bring a handful of minor new features, together with some bug fixes.

Some of the most significant new features are support for 4G LTE for more carriers, and a feature, which allows the iOS users to buy movie tickets via Fandango after using Siri to find the showtimes. In addition, Apple has also decided to return the feature for iTunes Match subscribers, which enables them to download individual tracks from the iCloud, something Apple quietly removed with one of the previous software updates.

Other changes to the Apple’s iOS in iOS 6.1 include, minor tweaks to Safari, modified playback controls for iPod in the lock screen and back-end changes in Apple Maps.

The final version of the software was released only 2 days after Apple released the 5th iOS 6.1 beta version.

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