Apple Slows in the Q3 as Android Gains in tablet Market

Apple Slows in the Q3 as Android Gains in tablet Market description

According to the reports from IDC (International Data Corporation), the market research, analysis and advisory firm, the tablet market share of Apple has dropped as most consumers did not buy any products in the Q3 as they were waiting for the release of iPad Mini. And as a result, the Android tabs have made gains in the Q3.

According to a report published by IDC on Monday, after having a strong Q2, the growth of unit shipments of Apple has slowed in both commercial (including education) and consumer markets.

An analyst from IDC, Tom Mainelli, stated that they believe that a reasonable percentage of customers who are interested in purchasing a tablet by Apple sat out in the Q3, as they were anticipating the release of the new Apple iPad Mini.

The share value of Apple sank to 50.4% in the Q3, from 65.5% in the Q2 of 2012. In the Q3 of last year, the market share of Apple was 59.7%.

And as Apple’s share declined, all the other major tablet vendors who rank at the top 5 managed to gain market share during the Q3. Samsung gained by 115%, shipping 5.1 million Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tabs worldwide in the Q3. It was a raise of 325% from the Q3 of 2011, when Samsung only shipped 1.2 million tabs.

The other tablet giant who made a noticeable gain is Amazon. The worldwide tablet market share of Amazon jumped to 9.0% in the Q3 from the 4.8% in the Q2.

Overall, the worldwide tablet market showed a 49.5% growth over year over year in the Q3 of 2012.

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