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A spaceship full of traveling Orb crashes down on an unknown, uncharted planet. With good fortune however, it delivers the crew onto a picturesque world filled with lush jungles, clear streams, snowy mountains, and mysterious ancient deserts. This magnificent place will become their new home, but hard work is ahead because the entire crew was scattered around the planet, and the first order of business is to find them. Join Captain Orb on a search for his crewmates and bring them together to build their new planet. Play over 100 exciting levels to earn money, construct buildings, and locate other Orbs with special powers. When found, you can use their unique abilities to melt ice, clear tough obstacles, and much more. With multiple ways to clear boards, additional interactive Hidden Object levels, and a detailed Orbopedia, this daring journey to discover a spectacular world will thrill you with surprises!

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    Match 3 games are always there and frankly there are everywhere in all kind of forms and sorts and lately it is hard to find some games in this genre that can surpass its predecessors due to its complicated core structure which is unchangeable, but only designable with the extras and accessories throughout the game. This has made a lot of match 3 games very playable at their beginnings especially as the developers started involving some special features in combination with different themes and stories to keep those games as unique or special as they can be. Unfortunately we already can see many match 3 games repeat themselves through other match 3 game whether as a complete duplicates, with some minor changes or with a unique idea but lack in realization. Because of these bad or semi-good performances many casual games players are returning to the old classics and of course the ones that were in the top in their time, in hope that a new top match 3 game will appear and offer something new and different from other ones. Ballville – The Beginning has entered that category for sure because of its almost unique approach to the match 3 gameplay. It is nothing new when you think about it globally, however it presents something that isn’t seen in this genre but we will definitely be seeing it more and more from now on. The game starts with a story (and it can’t start in any way different unless it hasn’t got one) that follows a ball, or orb, that simply goes by the name of “Captain” and this Captain has been sent in space on a mission but everything has gone to hell as the ship enters a meteor field which causes damage to the ship and makes the Captain land on the nearest planet to perform repairs. However the landing didn’t went as the Captain taught it would causing problems from the beginning making him adapt to the situation as the passengers that came along with him are missing somewhere on the planet and repairing it is not possible. So the game begins and besides locating your friends you have to make sure you and your friends survive and therefor they will build their own city in this seemingly deserted planet. Gameplay is level-based, with each level containing a new or at least different shaped puzzle board than the level before. The core gameplay is like previously said much known and clearly unchangeable because that is the essence of the match 3 games. You need to make match 3 in order to clear two different obstacles that appear in different grids and those different come in a form of orange grids that can be cleared with match 3 above them and the crates which can be cleared with match three from any side. There will be two different factors that will influence on the duration of the levels you will play in match 3 and those are perception (the level of perception you have as an individual) and knowledge (same thing goes here). The perception power is for locating and using the best match 3 combinations that can be most useful for you which is logical when it comes to match 3 games, but the knowledge is for the second part of the game and the ones that makes the game so different from other. The things that I’m talking about are the different orbs you will encounter and unlock during the gameplay. The orbs are the thing that made this game and their diversity and appliance is very interesting. All of the orbs have their strengths and their weakness and what they represent; well it is up to you to find out how to use them in your advantage. Here are only some of the orbs: Hint orbs show you another match on the screen; DJ orbs sing and break blocks on the grid; Wood orbs that can clear any block on the screen; Electric orbs can power certain devices; Engineer orbs will burrow their way to the bottom of the playing field, taking all orange or crate pieces with them; and so forth… There are over twenty different orbs for you to find and unlock through the game by there is a catch… In the beginner levels the orbs are restricted as there aren’t many of them unlocked but later when you do unlock them if you use the same orbs over and over again, in a couple of levels you will drain them empty and will be forced to use other orbs. This gave the game a complete strategic angle making you adapt to the game and think in advance what type of orbs you will use and which you will leave to recharge as even though most of them will help you some can make your gameplay a living hell if you don’t watch what you are doing. This all starts happening when you have more than five different orbs and then you start using them by your own choice but to unlock those orbs you need to build and develop your city, as with every new structure unlocked so does a new orb unlock itself. Depending on what you expect from this game you will have to choose between the relaxed and timed mode. The difference is (besides the time) that in the timed mode you gain cash bonus and this can help you substantially as you need cash to unlock those crates in between levels. The characteristic of the game aren’t difficulty but more a strategic look on the game is obvious, as if you can master the strategy of using those orbs then you won’t have problems whatsoever getting though the game in a yippy. The game is good and demo is there for all of those who don’t believe it, but you can’t taste all of it there…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 100

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