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Relive some of the grandest and most critical naval battles of recent history and for the first time, choose to lead your fleet to a completely different ending to the war. With both strategy and action at your command, truly anticipate your opponents every move and turn the tide of war.

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    A sequel to the real time strategy shooting games, Battlestations: Midway, this game opens with the US Navy marching towards Guadalcanal. Their main target here is the Japanese mainland. The horrific glare and the disastrous effects of the World War 2 are brought out in the campaigns in this game and the battle outcomes. There are two single player campaigns that can be played in this game. A U.S. versus Japanese battle and a historically supported Japanese navy mission are the two distinct types of combats available. Both are interesting and engrossing right from the word go. There are both aerial and naval battles and you can thus enjoy piloting a fighter aircraft as well as maneuvering a battleship across the waves, avoiding oncoming torpedoes while volleying artillery fire toward ground installations. There are 28 full scale combats spanning across two unique campaigns. The largest battle involves a whooping 100 units which makes many action games look like some free flash games. A wide variety of real life combat units add to the real time feel in the gameplay . Choose from fighters, bombers, carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, subs, mini subs and more. 17 US planes including the new Corsair fighters and Curtis Helldivers, and 20 Japanese planes including the Mitsubishi J2M Raiden (Thunderbolt), and the night-fighting Nakajima J1N1 Gekko are all made available in this sequel. The cut-scenes at the beginning of the campaigns are also pretty impressive and go well with the theme. The game also offers multiplayer campaigns. The battles are 4 on 4 and take place on maps from the single-player. Moreover the sequel introduces five new online game-play modes: Island capture, Duel, Siege, Escort, and Competitive. There are many online shooting games but The Island Capture mode is particularly worth mentioning and addictive as here you can play on generous sized maps and send landing craft to capture ground installations. The tutorial in the game is quite helpful and detailed. Plenty of missions, loads of actions and a pleasantly paced difficulty level makes this game an enjoyable one. Battlestations: Pacific offers a tight and enjoyable flight-combat experience that is as exciting as any arcade sim. An exciting combination of strategic gameplay with shooting fun all the way makes this game a thoroughly enjoyable one.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 49.99
Size 7

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