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When solitary Darren Michaels befriends the beautiful Angelina, he has no idea what the fates hold in store for him. The alluring Angelina has also attracted the eye of several others; and when she suddenly disappears, Darren finds himself questioning what has happened to her while he is haunted by a series of torturous and ever intensifying nightmares. Darrens search for his missing friend and his own sanity take him on a chilling expedition from his small New England town to Willow Creek, England - and the reigning evil of Black Mirror Castle. Darrens journey will immerse him in the dark secrets and turbulent history of the castles ill-fated Gordon Family. Legend has it that the Gordons were haunted by an ancient curse that ultimately led to their demise more than a decade earlier. Will Darren be able overcome these demons and find Angelina? Or will he become the curses next victim? Will Darrens search lead him to redemption or the hell of insanity? The answers can only be found in the Black Mirror - for once you gaze into it, you wont be able to look away.

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    Black Mirror represents a game that was though of lost and forgotten by the world of games. Perhaps a couple of veterans that have played the game remember it from the year 2003. During that time, the first edition was releases by a Czech game company. The game showed nice potential and this release was successful enough to start thinking right away about a sequel. However, the sequel wasn’t there, and the game was started being forgotten by the game world, until a German game company came across this game and releases Black Mirror 2 by buying it off from Czechs. The original plans of the game company weren’t that humble at all, as they were aiming for a trilogy from the beginning, if not even further. The game was first released in Germany, in German language, and a year after the English version came out, for the American and the rest of the world’s market. Gameplay: Black Mirror II is a classic third-person, point-and-click adventure game. You take on the role of Darren Michaels, the main protagonist of the game. Everything about the first part of the game that characterized all of the good things in it, have been implanted into the sequel too. Darren is a student from Boston and he has arrived to where his mother lives to work there during the summer vacations in the coastal town Biddeford, Maine. Darren had always a thing for photography and that is why he found himself a job with Mr. Fuller, but the things that he was doing are far from photography as everything that Mr. Fuller needed to do, Darren was doing everything for him while he was well doing nothing. During his work there he met and got acquainted with the rest of the city’s population. As it is a small coastal town anything new that comes by is immediately noticed, and exactly that happened when a girl named Angelina came to town. She was totally unaware of the things that were happening in the town, but so was Darren. Angelina came to the shop where Darren works as she needs a couple of pictures. Soon after that incidents start to occur and both Darren and Angelina notice that they are being followed by a strange man in the shadows of the night. As events have been connecting to each other and revealing the buried secrets of the town, its people and the past that everybody though was lying behind them. Fearing for her life, Angelina goes back to England, where she thinks she will be safe, but her note that was left behind for Darren and Darren’s curiosity led to a little investigation around the town, which lead to a dead end as the only thing that was mentioned everywhere was Willow Creek. So he decides to go to England and discover the connection between Biddeford and Willow Creek. As soon as he starts his investigation there he discovers the implication of a secret order that exists for a very long time and learns about the Gordon curse. The game itself is played very simply as pretty much everything is controlled through the mouse clicking. Left click is for choosing the interaction that is offered to you (talking, collecting, observing, moving, etc…), while the double click is there for Darren to ‘run’ to a character or a place that was doubled clicked on. The right click is used to acquire additional details about a hotspot. Visiting places acquired you a post card that you could use for returning to those places whenever you wanted it to in an instant. Further, the game is made quite in the favor of the player. For example, the game can be played in easy and normal mode. Easy mode well is too easy, due to the many indications, hints and help that you get along the way and a puzzle skip button is there too. Normal mode hasn’t got that kind of luxury that you have in easy mode and all of that additional help is lost in it. The games story has a great twist when Darren comes to Willow Creek, that is already mentioned but the following actions won’t give anything new that will insert something new about the whole story. The game itself is also split in 6 very long chapters that will be played about a whole day. Luckily the save system is indeed something. Besides the fact that you can save anytime that you want to clicking on the menu in the upper right corner, if you find yourself in a situation that lead to imminent death the game will be saved a couple of moments before it happens, leaving you to continue just before it happens. There will times when you find yourself spinning in circles as you probably failed to obtain key information or haven’t triggered another event which would lead you further. The ending of the game will leave you a bit confused as the story didn’t end as it was predicted and announced on the beginning. Graphics and sound: One of the things that characterized the first part has been also implanted in this part of the game, but this time it has been improved additionally and that is the dialogues and the rest of the audio in the game. The graphics of the game is definitely a worthy inheritor of the original, as the game besides the fact it has passed 6-7 years has used the texture of the original and made a new one making it look even more beautiful. During the setup of the game you will probably see an option that enables you subtitles for the conversations in the game, it would be a good idea to turn it on as there will be times when you will faintly hear or won’t be sure what was spoken in a dialogue leaving you with a lack of possible important information.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 19.99
Size 5

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