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When Anna's father is murdered, uncomfortable truths that call her past into question come to light. She remembers her father telling her of the horrors he had witnessed as a member of a mysterious cult. Although she didnt believe they were true, the tales were so strong and fascinating that Anna wrote a book and told the world. Now, disturbing nightmares of the cult haunt her and she feels a grave danger. Were the stories real? Find out as you follow Anna and her friends headlong into a confrontation with her dark destiny. See how her life begins to unravel when she journeys across the world in search of answers. Piece together puzzles and find objects in 24 frightening levels. Will Anna make the ultimate sacrifice to save her soul?

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    Stories have been always a thing that interested people and got them together to hear those stories, like a story told on a camping or a story about the Bogeyman, which is always lurking beneath the bed. However, this story is different. Our parents, grandparents or cousins for that matter, have told you a bedtime story or a story that engraved in your memory pretty well, remembering it so well you will never forget it. Anna had that similar experience with her father when she was young. Her father told her about his numerous adventures just like they were from an adventure book, and secret societies that are lurking in the darkness so they can never be discovered. This was very interesting for Anna then, but one day she decides to let the world know about this very intriguing ‘fictional’ stories about her father, even though he told her that this what he is telling her must never leave the room, and can stay only between them two. Anna didn’t listen on her father’s pleas not to publish the book, but she didn’t which resulted in the strange and unexpected death of her father. With this development of the situation Anna starts to think that there might be some truth in her father’s stories. From there Anna starts her voyages across the world to find out the truth, but the truth is much more complicated then she has expected. She needs to find priests, shamans, people in touch with nature, and she needs all of that to collect as much knowledge as possible which she can use for her missions and quests. But there is something very odd with these worldwide searches for items and those specific people, as the game acts a kind a weird. When you start your travels in one minute your will be located somewhere in Russia and then without any explanation, puff you’re in South America. A get the magic involvement and mystical power but this is a serious oversight in the games core. If you are not a story lover, here you will find a game that is filled with various hidden objects that will fill your day with different quests that need to be solved. In your search for these items you will have multiple ways in locating them. One of the ways is sticking to the list that tells you what items need to be found, while there are other items that need to be found through a picture shown to you or just described through with words, for example the "fireman elephant" is the one having a nice splash in the river. Another issue that you’ll encounter in this game is quite often in other games and frankly pretty unavoidable. The search for items is sometimes too hard, and can get your frustrated while other will consider that a challenge they have been only waiting for. For example, they game will have you searching for alphabet letters. While some are obvious and easy to find others are...not so easy at all. Of course the game offers a hint system in those situations, which is not so different from other ones in other games. It is a recharging system but the difference is that is recharges pretty slow, unlike other system. The developers of the game clearly don’t want you to “skip” the whole game, making you look for items and thing through the game. So be careful how you use your hints! But as always there are two sides to every story. The first one was ‘ignoring’ the story of the game and focusing on the items, but the other story is when players don’t want to ignore a story and want to feel the full charms of a game. With them, this game won’t go so well and pretty much won’t satisfy their criteria. Even though the addition of description of items only through words and looking for them based on it turned out to be a very good thing here, it has a couple of downsides as there are items where using pure logic wouldn’t get you anywhere. But this game offers something that most of the developers wouldn’t dare. They are introducing a lot of new content and experimenting with it trying to create something new instead of repeating again something we all seen in HOGs. For example, using clues you find in the game to unlock hidden areas and rooms in the game got me worked up, especially when put together like mixing potions and making the right preparations for them has different effects, etc… Those thing are at least worthy of trying the demo of the game, as maybe you will like the fewer pros in the game, unlike replaying another game over again from another publisher, with another theme but still ‘the same’. See for yourself what I’m talking about.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 234

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