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Help Lex return classic storybook characters to their books in Bookworm Adventures - Fractured Fairytales, a special single episode version of the best-selling game! The Great Library has never seen a crisis like this before. Somehow, the characters from Lex's favorite fairytales have escaped their books! The bad news is that 50 storybook villains don't want to go back to their books. The good news is that you've got helpful friends like Mother Goose and the Cheshire Cat on your side. Return the villains to their stories by building words and battling foes in 10 crazy chapters. And, for an extra boost, Moxie's back with her special mini-games! Do you have the vocab valor to help Lex vanquish his foes? Critics call Bookworm Adventures - Fractured Fairytales, "every bit as quirky and obsession-forming as the original" and fans say, "play it and get ready to love it." Try Bookworm Adventures - Fractured Fairytales free with the demo version, or download the full unlimited version and join Lex for another action-packed, hilarious adventure of word-building fun . . . before things really get out of control! And be sure to watch for the continuing adventures of Lex in Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planets and Bookworm Adventures - The Monkey King coming soon!

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    The Great Library is facing a strange crisis. A lot of the popular fairytale characters have escaped from the books and the onus is upon Lex to return them to where they belong. He gets some help from friends like Mother Goose and Cheshire Cat. The game gets interesting as 50 villainous characters are also out of the books and make your task difficult. There are a total of 10 chapters where you can battle 50 fairytale foes in challenging Boss battles. The basic game-play requires you to make or build words and thereby test your vocabulary which makes it basic among word games. Using the rainbow tile is just a lot of fun for building longer words. Additionally there are exciting new mini new games that spice up the overall gaming experience. It is a fun game and fantastic experience helping your favorite fairy-tale characters get back to where they belong and combating against equally quirky enemies.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 32

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