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Join Jill Evans as she bakes her way into the hearts of everyone once again. In Cake Mania, help Jill save her grandparent's bakery from being overrun by Mega-Mart. In Cake Mania 2, explore six amazing bakeries for fame, fortune, and love. Finally, in Cake Mania 3, prepare for out of this world baking hi-jinks across time to save her wedding. Hours of frosting goodness await you in over 500 total levels filled with decadent desserts, unreal customers, and extraordinary situations. Purchase store upgrades, earn fantastic rewards and experience multiple endings for an almost limitless experience.

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    Without a doubt, this is the best sequel of Cake Mania so far. Unlike Cake Mania 2, this third installment in the series has really added a lot of extras that haven't been seen before. There are mini games between every 5 or 6 levels, you get to choose the order in which you explore those levels and so much more. In Cake Mania, you take the role of Jill, a young entrepreneur with dreams of owning her own baking empire. She opens a small neighborhood bakery and gets money by waiting on customers quickly and efficiently. The faster you get in the orders and get your customers their cakes, the more money you'll make. As you get more customers and put your money back into the store, things get more hectic—you'll have more styles of cake to bake, more ovens, more things to decorate the cakes with, and a never-ending line of customers who grow increasingly needy and impatient. There are lots of new additions to the game, for example; Addition to this game is the “Sugar Rush”. Unlike the Diner Dash games, “chaining” events doesn't earn you extra bonus cash, instead, performing actions in groups of three will gain you an “automatic” bonus, where your cakes, and preparations happen instantly.The graphics have been upgraded to include “high detail”, and 3D options that you can turn off if your computer's graphics card can't handle them. A visit to the “options” page is always a good idea.Each world has it's own music, which for the most part is directly associated with the theme of that world. Anything else you need you\'ll find it in the game options, as I earlier said. If you like it, buy it :)

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 146

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