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Lisa is in need of some extra money so responds to a newspaper ad asking for a babysitter. What sounds like easy money soon turns into the most terrifying night of her life as chilling circumstances take shape, heightened by the threats of a macabre caller. Is this all just a sordid prank, or is her worst fear about to come true? Join Lisa through this harrowing nightmare as she fights to survive the encounter. Visit the old Stillwater Mansion and experience the chills of this urban legend while the events established in The Hookman also continue to unfold. With alarming new characters, a greater number of scenes, an extra mode revealing the startling back-story and an ending that will blow your mind, this new chapter will leave you shaking in your shoes.

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    Fairytales, stories, myths and all other texts written or remembered in any way have always been retold from time to time, from generation to generation and so forth to this day as you are reading this. Depending on story each and every one of them is different, and this one is different as spooky stories aren’t something new to the casual games market, but horror stories that mean and fulfill the meaning of the word horror, well that’s a different story. Campfire Legends – The Babysitter is the second installment of the Campfire Legends trilogy. In this release the beginning of the game is the end of the first part. The story about The Hookman is over and the storyteller continues to ‘heat up’ the atmosphere for the girls on camping and starts with another urban legend, the story about The Babysitter. Now when someone would judge the game by its cover, especially as its predecessor had great success in its genre and got great reviews, the second release had a rep to live up to, and it did, but babysitting? It was the first time for me to hear it, so sorry if I leave a couple of details out, but you’ll get the picture through the review. As a student you are forced to do everything in your power, to get a few pluses here and there, and what kind of a plus it would be for you if you are babysitting the Dean’s twin daughters. There's much more to just babysitting the twins, however. A seemingly normal night quickly takes a turn for the worse as one odd occurrence after another takes place in this chilling urban tale. This game is a mixture of two or three different genres, and quite good one. The thing that you will like the most about this game is the great combination of gameplay and the duration of the game which is now twice as longer from the previous part. You will start your hidden items search through the whole house while you are watching over the twins; however they aren’t the sweetest angels in the world… As the gameplay starts the first couple of missions look harmless, like making the twins a cup of cocoa taking care of them, basically taking care of the mess that is left behind them. Something that surprised me the most, as probably many players is the fact that the items you are searching for are all used in some point during the game. Every item that is found has its purpose, so there is no meaningless or repetitive search for the same items all over again. In the first half of the game you will scared and prepared for what is coming towards you in the second part of the game, as there you won’t be scared, you’ll be horrified. Something is definitely wrong with those twins, especially one of them and you have to figure out what is it, especially as the house is isolated, it’s big, and the after you think you saw a man on the top of the stairs and not informing the lady of the house before she left, well you get the picture what is it about! But there will be times, as in every game, when you won’t know what to do next, and of course the hint system is there to save you, mostly. The hint system is used through the fireflies. You have to first catch them and then you can use them every time you want, however the number of stored fireflies is limited to five. Fireflies can also be used on puzzles, which allow up to three hints before giving you the possibility of skipping them entirely. What you will probably notice as well, when you have none or one firefly they will be appearing more often than in a case that you have your hint container full. The game developers did make one particular mistake, but in my opinion it was intentional. The hint system in case of collecting multiple items to form one item, doesn’t work and only informs you that you have to finish it. That was the intention of the developer, but in my opinion the mistake lies in taking the hint as used even though you didn’t get anything. There are also a couple of bugs in the game that will appear through the game, but they are so minor and so negligible you will hardly notice them. Puzzles are well-spaced and plentiful, and very well designed. At least half the puzzles are unique, or hold unique twists to common formats used in hidden object games. These bugs will be mostly found in the sound system and the puzzles of the game, but with such a great “horrifying” gameplay you won’t be able to resist the game charms and just continue playing it until you done, but the best comes for last! After you completed the story of the game, additional mode is unlocked and gives you the opportunity to know more about the story which lies behind the game, and try to discover all of the items hidden somewhere in the game. Win and you will find out more making you a definite addict for the last part of trilogy.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 316

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borg(Master Yoda) January 16th, 2015

Lorelei, I think most of these shareware games can only be purchased, not downloaded, here you can write about games or play online games. Also you can read games reviews, but not download I think.

ofSilverSpunLace(Lorelei Ryan) January 14th, 2015

Played Campfire Legends The Babysitter and now when I try to play another Campfire Legends game I'm not getting the Download button to directly download games. Getting download button for other things. ?

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