Latest Card Solitaire

Solitaire Master 3

This third edition offers Solitaire fans even more fun and games.

Super GameHouse Solitaire 2

Play classic Solitaire with some new versions of your favorite card game for a different challenge.

5 Card Slingo

5 Card Slingo is the exciting game that combines the fast paced fun of Slingo with strategic poker playing action.

World Poker Championship

Play your way through the World Poker Championship series at 6 international casinos to earn a place in the championship round of No Limit Texas Hold 'Em.

Best of Poker

Best of Poker features twenty Poker variations with home and casino rules.

Ancient Spiders Solitaire

Play this addictive and challenging version of spider solitaire. Including 8 unique versions.

Card Games

Card Games features over 100 variations of such favorites as Solitaire, Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, Pinochle, Spades, and more.

Texas Hold 'Em

Texas Hold 'Em features Limit, Pot-Limit, and No-Limit Tournament Poker.

Video Vegas

This collection of amazing Casino Video Machine variations boasts stunning graphics, realistic game sounds, and fast gameplay!

Texas Hold'em 3D XP Championship

The favorite of all poker games, Texas Hold'em has taken the world by storm!

Omar Sharif Bridge II

Play the world's most challenging and popular card game, with Omar Sharif Bridge II.

Slingo Casino Pak

9 amazingly fun games from the creator of Slingo!

Chris Moneymaker's World Poker Championship

Poker champions are made one hand at a time. Now it's your chance to play in a no-holds-barred tournament showdown!

House of Cards 2 Deluxe (Italiano)

Incorporating a selection of your favourite card games and variations on your favourite card games all wrapped up in one easy-to-play package.

Hoyle Blackjack Series

Hoyle Blackjack includes several varieties both standard and tournament-style blackjack brought to you by the official name in gaming, Hoyle.

Hoyle Poker Series

Hoyle Poker Series has Texas Hold'em and 13 other games both online and offline brought to you by the experts at Hoyle. Includes official rulebook.

Hoyle Solitaire

Hoyle Solitaire brings you 50 different variations of this classic game. With endless combinations of cards and built-in tutorials, there's no end to the fun!

Hoyle Slots & Video Poker

Hoyle Slots & Video Poker lets you experience the sights and sounds of a real casino floor from your own PC!

Aloha Solitaire

Relax with a mix of classic card games and mahjong on the golden sands of Hawaii!

Solitaire Championship

Solitaire Championship gives new meaning to the word solitaire.

Popular Card Solitaire

Jewel Quest Solitaire III

Travel the world on an all-new adventure of jewel matching fun!

Top Ten Solitaire

This collection tops 'em all!

Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition

Show your Hold'em skills in a masterful poker adventure set in the Wild West!

Hoyle Casino 2008

HOYLE Casino, the best-selling casino game of all time, offers excitement and challenge with over 600 variations of 16 of the most popular casino games. Hoyle Casino 2008 insures hours of fun!

UNO - Undercover

Experience the classic card game in two different and exciting ways.

GameHouse Solitaire Challenge

Take a break today with this fantastic collection of solitaire games.

Reel Deal Casino Gold Rush

Introducing the first, the only, casino, race, and sports book PC game. With Reel Deal Casino "Gold Rush", you get the widest variety of casino style games.

Hoyle Poker Series

Hoyle Poker Series has Texas Hold'em and 13 other games both online and offline brought to you by the experts at Hoyle. Includes official rulebook.

Reel Deal Card Games 2011

Card Games 2011 features a hilarious cast of 12 animated opponents to play against, including such Phantom favorites as Blackbeard, Professor & Witherbee, Alice, and Lil Spookie! Youll have a blast unlocking new games and surprises in the all new Prize V

Reel Deal Card Games 2009 Edition

Weve stacked the deck in your favor this year! 2009 brings over 79 card games including All Fives, Cuckoo, Golf, Hand & Foot, Pedro, and Pisti.

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