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With her Uncle Oswald's invention of the Feline Wash-o-Matic, Susie has opened up the grooviest establishment in town for all cool cats. Now all the friendly felines have a place to go when they want to get clean and pampered. Susie had no idea how successful her business would become, and now she needs your help to keep it running. Boogie down to the cat wash and help Susie clean up muddy pets for her clients. Take on 40 bustling levels of washing, drying, clipping, primping and much more. Hire employees, purchase new stations, and upgrade your locale. Watch out however, because some cats can be very finicky while employees or other nuisances also keep you on your toes. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it!

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    Cats have always been curious animals; I know that because I have one too. You could talk about their adventures all day long and what they have done (mostly mischief), but then again there are things that you just won’t forget ever. My cat lives in a flat, but what about those ones that live in houses and their yards. Cats are known by their clean fur and cleanness generally, but after a rainy day and a bath in the mud, I don’t think so! This is what happened to Susie in Cat Wash when her cat came back from the street all muddy. She took her cat and gave it a bath of her lifetime, but how long will the cat stay clean, and how long it will pass until Susie would have to wash her cat again? Her Uncle Oswaldo heard her talking, that is complaining, about her cat and decided to give her a hand about this. As he is some sort of inventor, he decides to make a machine that will help Susie in her cat cleaning problems. That’s when the Feline Wash-o-Matic 100 appears and helps Susie in many ways. It solved hers cat cleaning problems, but it was then when she realized the full potential of this machines as she is not the only cat owner stuck with this type of problem. Susie decides to share this new product with every cat owner in town, but of course for a price… She opens up a cat cleaning store but in the style of the seventies making the whole thing kind a strange and original. When the game starts customers will be showing up and bringing the cats for their session. The cats need to be served and who knows best what the cats want then the cats themselves. Every cat will have a balloon floating above their heads, and in that balloon will be shown what the cats want, manicure, trimming, wash, etc… To start your cat services you have to hire a couple of different employees who will work for you and do different services on cats, depending on what they are seeking. To do that you need to place the cat on the conveyor belt which will bring the cat to different employees and fulfill their different needs. As the game progresses, you get more stations and upgrades, including a wash station, drying station, clipping station, flea dip station, brushing station, and finishing station. In this game you will have to manage literally everything. From the cats you’ve been working on, to their owners, then there are your employees, and the one thing that will make you crazy sometimes is the dogs and other distractions that come in to shop, which you will have to get rid of. But the things you must take care the most are the cats and your employees and their patience levels. Upset cats will flee, while upset humans will go out for coffee on extended breaks. You need to manage both while playing. The cats are picky and they all have specific demands, including a specific employee they want to work with them. Each cat will prefer a handler of a particular gender, and each breed has its own peculiarities. Some hate water, and lose patience when taken to stations they dislike, while others are calm and tolerant of everything. No matter what, all cool cats love to disco dance, and some catnip and a jukebox can do wonders for their mood. Every four levels, you play a cat and disco themed mini-game, which includes games like slots, memory, and even a version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, played with cats. These are quick, and can be skipped if you choose. The game is created for all ages of people. Setting the difficulty in the game control the game how you want to play it. If you just want to lean back and enjoy the game without thinking of the patience level just set all the kitties in the disco area and that is that. But if you want to feel slightly challenged then turn up the difficulty and get the real party started. The game manufacture had a great idea combining the cat washing with the disco theme invoking a game story and a gameplay that is quite unseen and will definitely have its own crowd and fans. The graphics of the game aren’t the best, as there are some roughly done edges and could get more attention to the developers, but that was their choice. All in all the, very nice game could have been done better but the idea counts the most and that’s what makes it so special.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 39

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