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Every so often, the most powerful wizards, sorcerers, and magicians of Albian congregate for a meeting of the minds at the Convention of Magic Masters. This year, the chosen site is the castle of your aunt Gwendolyn, The Fairy Godmother. Overwhelmed by planning and castle repairs however, she has called upon you to help her with the preparations. Search for hidden treasures among the many rooms of the castle to help finance the required repairs and upgrades to the grounds. Restore the towers, build new bridges, and decorate the archways to create the castle as you wish. Solve more than 80 unique puzzles as you meet an eccentric cast of characters. With an inspiring fantasy soundtrack, 20 stunning wallpapers, and Relaxed or Timed playing modes, this is one magical journey that will stay with you long after it is over.

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    If you have magic in your blood then this fact means that you have a couple of nice bucks in your pocket, because who would be crazy enough not to use the magic at least a bit for its benefit! With great magic comes great responsibility, but also great income like previously said but in our stories case that doesn’t seem to be the case. This year’s duty of arranging the convention of the mightiest magicians has fallen in the hands of the Gwendolyn and unlike the rest of the magical society she is not that wealthy and really doesn’t consider that to be of great importance. But this time this represents a great setback for her as even though she owns her own castle this castle is far from being a castle of some lord or royalty. The right word to classify it would be a total mess and a wreck. So the only thing that remains is to rebuild it and repair it what needs to be repaired. However she can’t do this all alone and she needs help and there is no better person for this job then her own flesh and blood. Gwendolyn happens to be your aunt, but she has become too old for this task (and probably too lazy) so she has total confidence in you to discover everything there is worthy in the almost endless rooms inside the castle. You need to find those things, sort out the ones that are worth something, take them to some sort of magical pawnshop, cash in and start the reconstruction of the castle. This is the short description of the game, but let’s get a bit more detailed. You will start to search every room in the castle for hidden objects, and the thing that characterizes this game the most is the straightforward type of hidden object genre. There are no surprises that need to be revealed no special puzzles of massive importance and stuff like that, just plain old items collecting. Besides the plain old collection of the items you will get from time to time different private tasks from your aunt or her guests to do something special for them. These kinds of tasks will come very familiar to the many mini-games that most of the players of casual games will recognize straight away. You will have games (puzzles or hidden objects scenes with special accent) like Sudoku, Jigsaw, spot the difference and similar games standard for this type of pattern. All of the mini-games are skip-able but due to the immense complexity of the mini-games for which you need from couple of seconds to a minute or two, depending on your skills and the mini-game, you probably will decide to play them also because finishing a mini-game adds gold to your account. The search for the items is dictated by the list of items that is shown to you (5 items max) and as you collect items from that list, the item that you have found will be removed and another item will be added if there is any left to find. Normally there is in one room about 20 items to find. Now the gameplay itself represents a challenge for any player that has some standard skills in the hidden objects genre, so I rated by my own skills and it’s not so difficult at all, well most of the times. The scenes where I stopped for thinking and searching are ‘little objects scenes’ that is tiny objects. This will present a problem a couple of times during the game. There is of course a solution for this type of cases and that is the hint system, but unlike the numerous games where the hint system is rechargeable, in this game it isn’t. The hint system is displayed in the form of magical sticks. Usually by every level you get 3 of these and you can choose to use them or not. Choosing not to use them during a level adds to your score additional gold that is a higher score. To manage those tiny objects without using up the hint, you could ask for the help of the fairy, but to do that you must find her first. The fairy is some sort of an assistant which when found takes one item from you wanted list and gives it to you straightaway. This is all pretty much seen, so the thing that kept me interested to this game was the castle renovation. When you earn certain amount of money through mini-games, and selling items to Fitz the leprechaun, you will use that gold to upgrade your castle (repair it). There three different types of upgrade: Red, Blue and Green. Red are the cheapest, Blue are the middle and the Green are the most expensive ones. You will then decide by your account stats which upgrade you can buy but also you will look upgrade that you like as you aren’t bound to some specific upgrade from these three. Edit and build the castle by your own wishes and decorate it as you like. As for the graphics of the game, besides that ‘minor’ issue that was mentioned earlier there isn’t anything left to talk about in negative form as the game’s graphics keeps up with the casual game market. The music is probably better from the graphics as the sounds are made for relaxation of the player even though you play in the timed or relax mode. All together a game that doesn’t loo special at the first look, however it can get you trapped into its world before you even realize it.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 159

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