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Overseeing the changing needs of people from 1920 to 2020, its up to you to manage everything from buses, trams and subway trains to maximize profits while pleasing commuters.

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    Playing with trains, cars, airplanes, it is all a part of a boy’s childhood (and some girls, but rarely…). When I was a kid having an electrical train that goes on railways or a car that goes on a remote control….boy was that something! In nowadays, children don’t play with that type of things anymore, as they are not that interesting as running a real one, but even that isn’t possible and that is where games come in and that is why I still have my job. Cities in Motion is one of the many attempts of realizing a traffic game and lunching it on nowadays market with some very sensitive customers to when it comes to this games. The reason is probably the fact that there aren’t many of them out there and those that do play this type of game, require almost perfection and nothing else will satisfy their needs. The year is 1920 and this is marked as the beginning of the auto evolution and in general transportation all over the world… The game span will go a hundred years forward, all the way to the not so distant 2020. The surprise however lies in the selection of the cities as the game is set in the European region and the number of cities is four. Now normally this would be Paris, London, Rome and Madrid. These are the standard cities that are selected for games like this, but the manufacture has decided that it would be Berlin, Vienna, Helsinki and Amsterdam. Gameplay: Now this is a selection that you don’t see every day, especially Helsinki and Vienna and the paths you will be working on are water, air and ground! As the time advances so will you in the matter of transport. The old transportation like buses will become bigger and new ones like the metro will be introduced which will lead to obligatory strategy planning, if not, well chaos is a small word to what might happen. A sandbox mode is also featured, along with an interactive tutorial that does a good job of walking you through the basics of gameplay. First things first, and that would be some sort of image that is located in your head and represents how will your city look like in terms of connectivity between different places on the map. To connect the places and set up routes you will be laying track, placing stops, designing lines, and assigning vehicles. Now the games greatest flaw lies probably in this part of the game, because of that process as it becomes quite repetitive as the game advances. This process also goes for adding additional buses for the bus lines for example and it really can get tedious. As for the rest of transportation vehicles and meanings, they are all colored in different colors, to make them much easier to distinguishable during the gameplay. More detailed information is also available: usages, profit, wait times, and happiness can all be sorted in the handy stop and vehicle roster spreadsheet. However the game isn’t just about setting up a bus station or a metro route or flying route for that matter. The big bucks lie in the busiest neighborhoods of a town and for you to pull out the max from those, combining transport ways is one of the crucial techniques. But the point is making the customers happy, and unfortunately that is a hard thing to do if you have a bus with 8-10 places for example and there is almost a hundred people waiting in the station. Additionally to mess things up are the seven different types of population that exit in a town and they all have their own ways of transportation. As previously said the best way of earning money is to create routes that connect the main and the busiest locations in the town, and that is enough for you to ‘finish’ the game. However the routes are not always what you have imagined and they will need additions and some other things that need corrections and all of that costs money. The money you earn with your main goals through the traffic won’t be enough to cover all of the expenses, so you must find a way to connect all of the other areas around the game and introduce new routes that will connect even the remote parts of the map area. So far the game doesn’t sound that logical and probably not interesting for some people, but the real experience will come with the gameplay as you realize that you are in charge for four cities and everything that is happening in it. People need to get to work and then back to their homes. Students need to go to schools whether they are a bus stop away or go somewhere further, or the helicopters that you will use for the ones that really need to hurry up and of course can afford it. This gives you a pretty clear picture of how the game works and what are the key things you need to look out to achieve a better result. The most important thing is happy customers and to have happy customers a quality service is needed that will fulfill their entire list of request all within the patience they possess while waiting. If not, they will just take a cab and leave you without your fee. Graphics and Sound: The graphics of the game represents a bit lower standard when compared with the gameplay, as the number of obvious enhancements could have worked some miracles giving the game additional boost. One of those examples is the fact that there are no night and day changes and there is no weather influence on the game, which kind is disappointing especially after imagining what else could have been done with that additional influence. Because the weather is always sunny and beautiful in the game, the details of the ‘people’ walking around and the transportation vehicles are always very clear and nice. The sound backs-up all the traffic sounds that are expected of such a game and of course the background audio that is always there for additional mood. Not playing this game will be quite a shame, even though the fans of this type of genre aren’t in such large numbers; however the ones that have experienced some of the greatest games in this genre will realize that this game has got very close to some of the top games in this genre.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 19.99
Size 409

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