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Take advantage of an incredible collection of more than 700 buildings and structures, 47 different types of maps featuring realistic environments. Enjoy never seen before freedom in a city-builder! As a virtual mayor, find the right balance between economic development of your cities, attractiveness, transportation (road traffic, bus, metro), pollution, social services, taxes and even leisure activities. For the first time in this kind of game, Cities XL 2011 finally let you go beyond the simple creation of a city! Connect every city that you build in a trade network, specialize some of them so that they can provide for others, thus creating a large-scale economy balance.

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    Cities XL 2011 is probably a game that most of the people have taken lightly by many players and underestimated to be what it has become now. Many building sim games have been released and hardly any of them succeeded as this genre is specific and the players is hard to please on this field, but Cities XL 2011 is more than different from them. The last game that had this kind of success is probably the Sim City, but since then many years have passed. Cities XL 2011 offer a great gameplay experience for everyone from the advanced simulation player to the newcomer of the simulation type games. Either build a thriving city or have fun in the sun as you build a beach resort. Cities XL 2011 has so many features, you will experience a different game each time you play. You are the mayor of the city, and as it develops the people will love you or hate you, depending on what have you done for them and the city. Being the mayor won’t be an easy task; to keep the people happy you must balance economic development in your city, transportation, housing, social services, leisure activities and even town special events. The name of the game and the genre, and the first paragraph would sound like it is all about building in the game and that building is the most important thing in the game, but it’s not. Sure buildings operate everything and determine life circumstances, but the thing that determines what buildings will be built and how many of them, is the people that live in your city. Balancing economics with recreation takes a lot to keep both in check. With so many different ways to build the possibilities are near endless in what you will be making. The biggest change is the improved micro management system of Cities XL that allows more options to the player and what we all want, a hell of a lot more buildings to choose from, 700 to be exact. Every building has its own different or similar function and which you will build and determine the development of your city is up to you. As game advances the city will be getting bigger and bigger, making it much more complex to manage, and adding more functions to the game, especially when other cities that are also located around get involved. The importing and exporting of goods is something else that is rather unique to this game. All of the cities that are built exist inside of the same world in game, meaning that goods can be both imported and exported from all the cities of this gaming world. Ideally, this means that if one city is running low on manufactured goods, it can import some from another city in exchange for their excess water supply. Do you have what it takes to keep the population happy? This option of multiple cities will pull out the best of you as it will probably require even more, as only the expert gamers will find a perfect way to deal with some situations. Rich people don't like pollution or crime but poorer socio economically challenged citizens won't complain as much but trying to work this out is sometimes bigger than Ben Herr. A balance must somehow be found. But transporting, that is importing and exporting materials can’t be done just like that. As the cities are built and the roads added, so are the transport options extended as you create bridges, tunnels and the like in order to move people and resources in and out of your city. Then you have death and more importantly taxes which are controlled by the mayor of the city. So what do you want to build? With 47 different maps to choose from the possibilities are very distinguished. Do you like Paris, London or another metropolis from the entire world? The tutorial of the game won’t explain everything in the game, but it will explain a lot, especially the beginning levels until you get the idea. And last but not least, the part of the game that made all of these so great is the graphics, which is the most important thing together with the games structure. The luscious details that make the game are very nice. From the fine details seen in forest and different landscapes of the game that are quite detailed and there are a variety of different terrains to play on from beaches to forests and everything in between. The real world features that are experienced through the games intense gameplay may start to deflect some players, but most of the gamers will be ready to face this challenge as combination of challenge, beautiful graphics and extraordinary gameplay, is rare to find. The game will provide you with every condition that is necessary to get involved very fast. It is only up to you to understand it and start playing.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 39.99
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