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Cobalt isn't the sort of diversion I anticipated from the name that brought us Minecraft. Any endeavor to copy the achievement of Minecraft would likely have been useless. With Oxeye Game Studio accountable for advancement, Mojang has conveyed something fundamentally distinctive in Cobalt. Taking an enlivened by way to deal with the side-scrollers of yesteryear, Oxeye encapsulates the '80s, getting the time's grungy way to deal with science fiction. It's a future where innovation is cumbersome and forcing. The craftsmanship, from the arcade bureau menus to the character outlines, references the old and new at the same time.



The old-school arcade period's notoriety for testing — €” and regularly rebuffing — €” gameplay encounters survives the cutting edge interpretation also. Cobalt is a mind boggling side-scroller that compensates you for mastering its mechanics, however doesn't generally place you in the best position to do as such, and disappointing outline choices loot the round of a tad bit of its enchantment.



The reality is you never have enough ammo in Cobalt to be especially aggressive. I often found myself at the end of a level facing off against shotgun-toting flying drones, armored foot soldiers and tank-like robots with a shovel, 18 bullets, four grenades and two bird eggs. Soul-crushing death spirals that zapped my desire to play weren't uncommon. I had to load back out to the ship hub and visit one of the merchant planets to buy more ammo and upgrade my items, which even with short load times felt like a chore, and it doesn't help that Cobalt's currency is hard to come by.


Cobalt's approach to its side mechanics is also puzzling. There's a lengthy tutorial that details everything you need to know about traversal and combat, but it doesn't hint at the game's safecracking, lockpicking and hacking sequences. The terminal hacking minigame telegraphs its mechanics well enough, but I had to wrestle with the others to figure them out. Failing these sequences often triggers alarms that bring more enemies to the battlefield. These systems are weirdly obtuse and unnecessary potential roadblocks.

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