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Mr. Big's theme park is in a bit of trouble with broken rides, dilapidated restaurants, and very few guests. There's little to no help in sight, but when young Flo demonstrates her ability to profitably run a small hot dog stand, things start looking up. Can Flo and her young friends turn things around and get the theme park back on track? Find out in this fast-paced frenzy where you'll keep them prepping, grilling, and sizzling through 50 fantastic levels. Serve sit-down customers a variety of healthy or fried dishes, bag up food for Dash-Thru window diners, and revamp every restaurant in the park with fabulous upgrades and repairs. It sounds easy, but chopping salads, stirring soups, and perfectly frying fish takes more skill than you think!

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    Flo is back, and normally I would say bigger than ever, but the right thing to say now is ‘smaller’ than ever… Flo is back, way back, when she was just starting her business all by herself with the hot dog stand and trying to make it in the big bad world which she actually did quite successfully. Because of this she wasn’t left unnoticed, especially with Mr. Big who was in some serious trouble. His theme park isn’t any more something that it used to be, and it is going in ruins, literally because of the lack of visitors. Flo is there to save the day with her exquisite talents which will help Mr. Big get back on his feet. Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills features 50 levels that take place in five extraordinary locations, such as the Deep Dive, the Tree Tops, or the Log Jam. Each and every one of those restaurants provide with unique characteristics with 10 levels per chapter in the game. The game is made for two types of players, but to be honest it summaries back to the same type of players. The game can be played in story mode and expert mode, but the story mode isn’t that much easier from the expert mode. The expert mode says for itself as it requires perfection, the story mode doesn’t but it won’t definitely be a walk in the park. Besides the fact that it is harder you will definitely gain more on the game’s playtime, as the repetition of some levels is inevitable. You will also find the typical awards which can be earned by finishing levels with expert scores, completing every mode, or reaching a specific score. The heart of the gameplay involves seating, serving, and cashing out a plethora of customers, from the patient old man to the high maintenance celebrity. The ordering system or serving system for that matter has changed since the last time, as we are not dealing anymore with the serving at the bar. The old table system has returned and the games effectiveness has increased way more then you could expect by putting it back. The customers come in and then you have to sit them down, which we haven’t seen for a while too. The tables are marked with different colors, just like the customers that enter the store. After sitting them down to their right place, you of course take their orders, but this is where the real time management begins as none of the customers is the same with their characteristics, just like previously mentioned a bit. The most important thing to do is to watch out for the patience meter (the number of hearts) of the customers which float over their heads. Every customer has its own level of patience and even though someone orders first before another customer you have to prioritize your game to them. There is little room for errors as previously mentioned, in the story mode perhaps, but in the expert mode NO WAY. Most of the mistakes that will probably occur to you are with the orders or better yet with their preparation. The food differs at each location, and while some of it such as cookies or rolls only need to be picked up, others take careful preparation involving several steps. Fries are fires; there is nothing to thinking about it, while the beans are another thing. I forgot to mention Flo’s grandma is part of the game too, as in this case she is the one who can prepare those beans, and this meal is best served hot, if you want to snatch a couple of those bonuses. Cooking meals also includes stirring or turning, and some customers will even order meals consisting of rolls, sauce, beans, and maybe a fourth part, which not only requires very good memory skills, but also perfect pacing and a good overview. But sometimes completing this is simply impossible; well it would be impossible if it wasn’t for those upgrades that make your life a lot easier. Between every level it is possible to buy upgrades for the next level that you will play and believe me you will need them. The upgrades are bought with the cash you have earned in the previous level. This isn’t anything unknown to the ones that have already played Cooking Dash, and of course you better spend your cash and all of them as much as you can to make your gameplay easier, as the upgrades from one level aren’t transported to another as they are all lost. This also goes for the money so don’t be sorry to spend it. The mini-games are not too hard and blend in superbly with the game, requiring you to find objects in a scene, click a certain meal as quickly as possible, or catch falling food while avoiding bombs and forks. If you start having problems with the mini-games then you can just simply skip them if you have no desire for playing them. The game isn’t perfect however… At times there are some minor issues with the clicking. The game simply won’t accept the items you have clicked or it accepted it alright, but not the ones you have clicked. This is due to small surfaces on which you can click and probably if you are aiming for the expert mode you will have to click ‘restart level’ because of this issue. But these minor mistakes simply cannot affect the entire game as it is done simply too good. The upgrades are pretty much still the same, but the story has done enough, combined with the new appliance in the gameplay to ensure some great gameplay. Enjoy!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 54

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