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You are invited to a very special world inhabited by little, amazing creatures called Norns. Male or female, each is unique and has its own individual personality because Creatures Village models real biological systems inside your computer. The Norns come with their own biochemistry, brains, DNA, personality and a rich environment in which to live. None of the Norns behaviors have been specifically programmed. They make their own choices and learn from their mistakes. You guide them around their world and experience it with them, helping them to play, eat and learn. Just like pets, they are there to amuse you and be cared for. Just like in real life, Norns will eventually find a mate and produce offspring that carry the same traits as their parents, but with their own personalities.

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    A cute and colorful world full of lovely cartoonish critters welcomes young children in this wonderful new chapter in the Creatures series. The game aims to impart the basic training of how to care and maintain pets and at the same time keep the house clean and free from allergies. As with other free games in the series, this is also about hatching, raising, teaching, and taking care of artificial life forms known as Norns. The Norns are independent characters but you can train them by using both positive and negative reinforcement. You start off with two Norn eggs but as the game gets along, you would need to take care of their basic needs just like any other living creature. The Norns can also be taught to mate and produce more tiny Norns that resemble their parents in genetic composition. Each Norn is different in character from the other and they are constantly learning. The village is a haven fro the Norns to explore. There are different rooms inside the house like the dressing room, toy room and lots of places to discover outdoors like the fairground, a spaceship, and a dungeon to name a few. You can engage your Norns in a large variety of activities like flying an airplane made out of clouds or riding a cart through a haunted house, going down the slope of a mountain on a sled and a lot many involving dragons, caves, pirate ships, mad scientists, hot dogs, cotton candy, and dressing up. These double up as fun mini games too and the game has a truly realistic environment. The game is dynamic as the seasons, weather and the Norns change with time. Overall Creatures: Village is a very educative and highly enjoyable game for young adults which brings forth an imaginative world brimming with fascinating inhabitants.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 9.99
Size 270

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