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Cycling Manager 3 covers up to 10 World Cup races including the Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, three 7-day stage races & five semi classics. Manage your teams (finance, strategy, fitness, and more) and race tactics. All new improved graphics represent different locations of the individual races of Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and more. Cycling Manager 3 also features mountain backdrops in the Alps and Pyrenees or the Arc de Triomphe in fine detail!

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    This is primarily a sports management simulation game. This version features 10 World Cup races including the Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, three 7-day stage races & five semi classics. You play the manager of a cycling team and are responsible for tactical training of your team to improvise on their performance. Apart from that you would also be supplying finance to your team and help formulate strategies for each race categories: flat, mountain and time-trial. The races take you to varied locations like Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and throughout the Alps and Pyrenees. There are over 180 unique stages rendered in stunning 3D graphics. You have a choice of 65 teams and real-time races with new animations. This installment of Cycling Manager includes more tactical possibilities and realism. You can sign contracts with sportsmen, negotiate and make sure that your team carries out the sponsors' objectives. Failing to meet the sponsors' target might result in your team being fired as the former re-count teams' budget at the end of each year. There are 4 modes for both solo and multi-player and it definitely belongs to addictive multiplayer games list. A whole new set of exciting national and world championships, choice of the teams, transfers, training sessions, finances, gear or scouting for new talent and deeper environments combine together to give this game an addictive appeal. A perfect mix of management pc games and sports games, Cycling Manager 3 is packed with managerial tasks and plenty of in-race action.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 4.99
Size 593

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