Das Reiterland - Ich Will Reiten!

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In the game "Das Reiterland - Ich Will Reiten!" (The Rider Country I Want To Ride!") your dreams will come true! You will learn how to ride different horses and you will get a chance to show in missions what you have learned. The easy control allows you to fully concentrate on a mission. Your friendly teacher is always there, giving instructions and awards as you successfully complete the missions. The awards include new equestrian clothing that can be changed at any time in the changing room, as well as new horses which you choose and ride. There are ten missions with several sub-missions. You will learn how to clean a stall, clean, feed and saddle your horse. You will make your first steps in walking, trotting, galloping and jumping. You'll learn different dressage routines, complete show-jumping and much more!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 19.99
Size 84

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