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Dawn of Fantasy, with every folklore monsters and legendary heroes awaken from their long naps by Reverie World Studios, a brand new magic world is born, with exciting journeys opened towards ancient mythology, epic wars brewed between evil and justice, and, Gee, exceptional achievements made only inches within the reach of all brave souls! In this way, folks begin to see Mythador as a land of both unspeakable dangers and great promises. Possibilities respect no boundaries here, and nobody get the clue as to what the future would all look like. But what they do know is that as long as you have big hopes in mind and do things hard/smartly enough, there are awesome rewards even much more alluring than cash out there for everyone! From the snow-capped South Mountain pinnacle, the densely-populated town of Teria, the spooky forests of the Wood Elves to the ghostly swamp of the Orcs, surprises, good or bad, litter along the way and bloody conflicts are only a touch-and-go matter. It’s where the adventure kicks off and, for many, also where it ends. For those savage ogres, you are the most delicious cookies. For the crook-handed witches, you are the best ingredient for her new potion recipes. And as for the other human warriors around, they’d also like to drench every drop of your blood to polish their swords! To survive and even get them crawled in knees, you clearly need more than guts! In Video game Dawn of Fantasy, great fighting skills would of course, works out the best to get you of hook. Strong as the Orc race, magic-bound as the Elves and quick-minded as you human bros, then little would you fear whenever get challenged. Loyal alliances will also save the day if you do a nice job for socializing. Even a right choice of weapons and equipments will make the difference no matter for PVP or PVE.

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