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Emily is headed home. Home to where she grew up. Home to where many of her most treasured childhood recollections were born. Her parents are close to selling the farm and about to move out, allowing her one final glimpse of how things used to be. Follow Emily on this touching journey through the 1970's and onward, and reminisce heartwarming episodes of her life as she grew up. Meet childhood friends, play wonderful games, and get out of troubling predicaments in all-new levels of fun. With exhilarating tasks, captivating circumstances, rewarding trophies, and fabulous upgrades, Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories is certain to find a place in your heart.

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    Creating a series of a single game, especially six parts, requires a lot of knowledge, patience and hard work. But creating a game that has that and plus a great standard of popularity and quality that repeats from one game to another, than we are talking about a very successful game release. Delicious has continued its successful creation of games with great popularity and Emily’s childhood Memories is just one of the sequels that is good and will remain good even after the release date, all the way until the new release emerges. The games story is put way back in Emilie’s past like the title says by itself, and you have to go through different crucial moments in her history that made her what she is today. The games story and the gameplay of course are set in 50 different levels. Those 50 levels are divided in five different locations from Emily’s past that were specific by some events. There will be scenes that made her childhood like some of the events regarding her sister or the famous first kiss that we all head and mostly won’t forget it ever. Those were just some of the scenes that concern her life, and mostly you will be making memories (images) of those memories. After couple of those pictures the game will introduce, besides the standard mini-games, mini-games that concern those pictures. The game itself will be well known to those who have played previous parts of Delicious, but also to those who are fans of time management genre as the core of the game is generally used for this type of games. The customers arrive and then choose where they will sit. The choice is between the tables and the counter. After the customers have decide where they will sit, it is time for you to serve them, and you do that through the orders they give you in a form of balloons that pop-up above their heads. After that start preparing all that it takes to make the customers wait for the briefest period of time and then serve the orders. But the whole process isn’t so easy at all as there is an entire list of things that needs to be done before you can serve the product that is ordered. If the product that is ordered is somewhat different then the easy and usual ones, then you will first need to obtain the necessary ingredients for making that product, like visiting a farm or getting those ingredients from your garden. After you have collected what you need to make that product you will server those products to the customers and then cash that product from the customer. There is a daily goal that needs to be fulfilled in order to complete the level and that goal is to earn a certain amount of money. However besides earning for your daily (standard) goal there is also the expert result that can be achieved if you earn enough cash, but for that a certain strategy must be applied. You should be able to organize your product serving in such a way that you can collect from two or more customers, in the same time when you go to collect for the products you have sold them. But besides this, if you achieve the goal with enough high score, you will be also rewarded with additional point, which you can use for multiple things, like decorating the room in which you are and the result can be the increase of the patience that the customers have, Emily’s speed of movement can also increase and so forth… None of these are overly challenging, yet they're interesting enough to feel like a relevant part of the game. Also, the queuing system and serving tray are smart enough to let you chain events together as you please, so you can take advantage of small gaps in preparation times to pick up additional items. When it comes to the gameplay ad comparing it with the previous release it’s changed that much, except with the background story which is used. It brings in enough freshness to give you enough motivation to play this game again and enjoy it very. Depending on the level of your skills and of course your previous experience with this game you will decide between the three different levels of difficulty. When it comes to the graphics of the game I’m not so pleased about it, as I’m a fan of more graphically enhanced games, and this one isn’t one of it. The graphics when compared to other games is very good and it is what is expected from this game. With this you can conclude that the game has many features that are there to make sure you have a very nice time through those approximate six hours of gameplay.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 242

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