Destiny's Vault of Glass Gorgons Trouble

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Destiny's Vault of Glass is a very popular game about which much has been written. Someone loved the idea, a story, but few people like the weight of the game. In some parts it was entitled ordeal. In this Destiny's Vault of Glass, the game everybody knows Gorgons. It was a big ordeal and the weight of the game. Only one team has managed to kill all the Gorgons. A lot of magic makes it difficult to fight with them, and curses that occur can hardly be overcome. It is possible to kill one or two, but others have become almost indestructible.


But they found the solution to this problem. It is necessary that a team of six players at the same time kill one Gorgons. Then come back and kill all of us together last two. Of course, care must be taken in time to Gorgons not respawn.



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