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Dexter Morgan is a serial killer. Driven by his need to kill, maintaining his average-guy faade has never been easy. He spends his days as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police department, but its after hours when Dexter is able to fulfill the needs of his dark passenger, exacting his own brand of justice on those criminals who truly deserve to die. In the game, help Dexter choose his next victims while always protecting his identity. Analyze crime scenes, uncover evidence and use stealth tactics to stalk your prey. Is the case better served by the courts or the Dark Passenger? The outcome of every choice and action resolves around the Code of Harry: only kill the guilty, maintain the mask, and above all, dont get caught!

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    When it comes to games which always arouse your curiosity with their special kind of theme, you always look forward playing those types of games, as you never can expect and predict everything about it even though you are familiar with that exact theme. There will be always some sort of surprises that will wait for you, which is a good thing, as with that the fun never stops. This time the Dark Passenger arrives to different platforms to intrigue us with it sick, but justified killings that are doing that what justice and law fails in doing and Adam who is there to cover it all up in his regular police work. The game comes with all the features and peaks of the series Dexter that is aired on the TV, however you will find some scenes excluded due to the explicit content which quite frankly becomes a letdown, but more about that later. The ones that will be hooked mostly by this game are the fans of the TV series Dexter, and as mentioned in the beginning even the most faithful fans that remember every detail from the show, they will still be very intrigued with the game and its content. The game’s story is put in five different cases from the first season of the TV show. The thing is the fans will surely love it, but those who have never seen the TV show won’t probably get the picture to what needs to be done in the game even with all the explanations in the game. Still the game starts to offer everything that the TV series has shown only this time it is up to you to perform all the things that you would usually watch in Dexter. All the scenes in the game aren’t something new for the fans, and when they start playing the game they will see the same ‘voyages’ Dexter takes with his victims and every move is a copy & paste from the show and for some reason you won’t be disappointed in the game even if you saw it all in the TV show. I have only watched a couple of episodes of the game, so I can’t be the real judge here to how will the fans final decision to the game be, but comparing the story from the TV show and the one from the game, the game gave me more than enough reasons to justify all that it gives for the price it requires. As for the ones who have heard about the TV show from friends or commercials or haven’t heard about it at all, it will probably represent quite a new insight to the game world with a story and gameplay that will keep you interested for sure. Basically Dexter has two sides, the good and the bad (similar to Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but with the sense for ‘justice’) Adam the man who works in the police as a part of the forensics team, and the Dark Passenger who represents the pure evil twisted side of a man, who has to have his thirst for blood satisfied. The more you let your dark side take over the more people will start to take notice of you and start suspecting on you. That’s why Adam must do all he can to maintain the cover of the innocent police forensics, so the dark passenger could continue doing his deeds. There will be one person in particular that will start to suspect you the most, but all of this can be avoided easily through the game with no trouble at all. The maintenance of the mask is reduced to the conversations that you make with other characters in the game. When entering a conversation you have three possible layers to combine with (light, neutral and dark). If you continue your conversations constantly selecting the light option, you won’t have any suspicion lead to you and there won’t be any traces that lead to you, making you perfectly safe from any threat. However, playing the game like this will probably get you to the end, I really don’t know as I played the game using layers I thought were appropriate for the situation. Because of this I found a couple of items that normally wouldn’t show up if you haven’t used ‘the right’ layer. Now this all leads you through the five cases in the game and every single one of them is different from each other, with the first case about the Miss Donovan being the introduction to the killing and the whole process of getting to that final act. Even though you are killing people, you are killing bad people like Miss Donovan, who is killing her students, but of course you must have proof of such a thing if you want to send her to the next world. After a couple of evidence, some conversations and finding the bodies of the children, all the proof you need are there, which means “Off with her head…” (just kidding). This is the letdown part of the game, even though it is comprehensible why it is done so. The actual scenes of killing people are censured from the game and you can’t see the act itself. You only know the job is done, and it is time to continue to your next mission/victim. If you are playing the game using all of the layers of dialogues, sooner or later you will find yourself in the situation when the Dark Passenger is starting to take over, but you wouldn’t’ want to mess up the flow of the game by exposing yourself. This is the part where the mini-games come in as very handy. When your alibies start losing on their credibility and the suspicion rises, you go to the police station and play a couple of mini-games there to justify you in the eyes of the law. The games graphics is somewhere in the middle, but that doesn’t matter that much in this game, as the thing that counts the most is the story. Just must manage to balance the blood thirst, the act of a good police forensics in the world where everyone is watching you, to make a mistake so they can finally caught the mysterious killer. See to it that they fail…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 9.99
Size 524

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