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So today, we are going to write about something interesting. We always write about games that most people play. We always go by the peer pressure and review those games which are being famous in recent times. Now, what about those games that are good but non-famous? Yes, there are a lot of games which are good but cannot make it to the top of the selling list. 

You can combine the scenario with movies. There are often those special movies that we do not watch or talk about. It is not that those are bad movies. It is just those did not get enough hype like the other ones. It can be because of a huge production house or because of big stars. In the case of the game industry, it can also be a popular franchise. 



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sheepimport(Anakin Skywalker) March 20th, 2016

I think perception is the best.

supergamer( ) March 20th, 2016

Really cool games!

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