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Youve been cursed by the champion god Din to a second life condemned to servitude, as punishment for squandering your first life in evil activity. You are forced to walk amid the devastated lands of Aleria once more, but this time you must offer your service to others as recompense for your earlier misdeeds. Redeem yourself from the doom of walking the lands endlessly alone -- impress Din with your commitment to saving the desparate towns: solve dynamic quests, quell uprisings, slay monsters, cure plagues, purge curses, plunder from the unrighteous and organize resistances while weeding out traitors and assassins. Internet Connection is required to play this title.

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    When enjoying the blessing of a god and taking the full extent of its benefits a time will definitely come when those benefits will make a severe impact on your way of life. All of the luxury and grace you had by your god will vanish and you will be left alone in your misery to think about your misconducts that lead to all of this, and of course a way how to get that all back. In your previous life you have done many terrible things for which there was only one description, and that is evil… For that evil to be lifted you will have a chance in your second life, however god Din can’t forget what you have done, and the path of redemption will be long, hard and almost impossible to fulfill, if you don’t sacrifice everything that you have. The path of redemption start with you as a servant for all the people of the different town’s that need help desperately due to the great inflow of monsters which are terrorizing them, as the dungeons in which they are kept are located just below the architecture of the town. Gameplay: But for this everything to start you first must create your character and determine his partial evolution of skills as the game offers a huge number of skills that can be added to a character. You can choose from the standard RPG fare of warriors, rangers, magicians, and so forth. When selecting the character you want, for example warrior, you can then add features of a magician making it much stronger and that doesn’t end there. The more complex your character becomes the harder it is to keep evolving it as everything has a price and evolution is the most expensive one. Each class has three upgrade trees where you can spend your hard-earned experience points. If you are feeling saucy, you can design a hybrid class by picking any two of the eighteen specialties available across the pre-set classes. The experience points are earned through the characters leveling up, and then you can unlock those additional abilities, but besides the experience points those abilities will also cost you some money. The gameplay is very random, giving it very high replay value, but the general idea of the game (its core) is pretty much the same in every town in which you find yourself. There are different quest that are given to you and need to be completed and those that are also given to you but don’t have to be completed. In total you can take on six quests at a single time, to work through simultaneously. When choosing the quests you will handle together, you should look out on the objectives of those quests as the main goal of the game is to raise your reputation in the eyes of the god Din. Failing at this will only result in a totally opposite effect and will make you sink even further down ‘the rabbit hole’. But this is not the only time when you will suffer the consequences of failing. The quests will differ in content offering you missions like going down the caves to rescue your allies, kill all the monsters or the strongest ones, protection of the city from invading monsters, etc… These quests can come in confliction with each other if you aren’t careful. First you must look out for the numerous obstacles that appear during your missions, some of them provoked by the monsters, while the other ones are ‘natural’. For example you can get through most of the obstacles during a quest, survive almost impossible situations, to be eventually killed by a cave in. As for those conflicts, during the cave missions you can easily lose the town you are protecting, as during your attack on the monsters another group of them can sneak up on the town and start attacking it. In that case you are then sent to another town to protect, but without any reward, as that is the point of the whole protection. After protecting a town and finished the quests, you are rewarded with a special item for doing your job. During your missions you will get hurt a lot of times and there are multiple ways of replenishing your health. The first and easiest way is eating, and it is also the cheapest one. However, time needed for replenishing health in that way is great, so using the potions is much easier and result are much efficient and quicker. However you have to watch out for the items you been holding in your inventory as with time they tend to lose on their durability making them almost worthless to you. If you see that they will start on losing value the game offers in easy way of selling those items with just a couple of clicks. There are no complications to, like going to some special places to get rid of them. As you progress through the game, the monsters and the battles become more and more difficult and hopefully your character has progressed enough to be able to deal with this. To aid you in your battles is a nice feature called the Bestiary. This section of your character information keeps track of the “beasts” you have encountered and contains information about them. As with any decent role-playing game, Din’s Curse allows you to upgrade your character over time. There are five attributes that can be upgraded with experience: strength (more damage), dexterity (higher hit chance), vitality (health), intelligence (manna), and spirit (more manna and resistance to magic). Control over the game is done mostly through the left mouse click, including battle, and picking up items, which can get tangled sometimes leaving bad consequence for you as the action that is done isn’t what you had in mind. Graphics and Sound: As for this part of the game there isn’t much to brag about. The graphics is done in an old-fashioned way, so this part of game isn’t going to impress you definitely. The parts of the graphics that can stand out are some of the characters as they have seemingly some nice time invested in the way they look. The sound doesn’t have any voice-acting, as expected from this type of game. It is characterized with some standard battle sounds and some background music, fitting for the game. All in all a game especially meant for the RPG fans, with potential of evolving further in great proportions and becoming soothing for any casual player, for you will enjoy some very nice gameplay, but the other elements need work on them.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 19.99
Size 152

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