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Help Flo restore her restaurant in Diner Dash 5 - BOOM!, the exciting new sequel from the hit series! When a mysterious prankster removes the word "Fat" from Flo's "Fat Free Breakfast" sign, a huge wave of hungry customers flattens her diner. Mr. Big, seizing the opportunity, immediately makes plans to buy up the destroyed lot. But with her pal Hal, Flo is determined to rebuild the diner bigger and better than ever. Join Flo and Hal in constructing a new diner before Mr. Big has the final laugh! Bring the diner to the streets of DinerTown and seat customers in the open air. Take their order, deliver their food, clean the tables, and earn big tips. With the money collected, you can purchase new upgrades and help Hal with over 1000 combinations of fixtures and dcor for the rebuilt diner. After 40 out-of-the-ordinary levels battling unpredictable weather and natural disasters, you'll be able to play the final 10 in your own one-of-a-kind diner creation! Critics call Diner Dash 5 - BOOM!, "an extremely well made example of the genre that shows other titles how to do time management right". See for yourself when you play free with the demo version, or download the full version today!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 63

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