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Doc Clock is having an ordinary day in his laboratory when he accidentally turns his beloved cat into a prickly cactus. In an effort to correct his mistake, he builds a time machine to change what has happened, but unfortunately commits another mistake, and ends up in the future. Now, with a broken time machine, lost sometime in the future, and his best cat pal still stiff and green, the Doc will have to figure out a way to make everything right. Help the Doc find his way through a fantastical world and fix his predicaments. Pilot through robot-ravaged environments, steer over lava-bubbling rivers, around icicle-toothed pits and once-urban landscapes to find all pieces of the time machine. Invent almost anything from objects that you discover and battle mad, misguided robots. With achievements to earn, an amazing Time Slider to rewind mishaps, and a wisecracking sidekick, this clever adventure will have you bursting with excitement.

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    When you want to talk about scientists and their crazy inventions and achievements then this game is just the right thing. Doc Clock is the number one favorite for the freaky and weird things that involve crazy science and its manipulation. But when those things start to happen, well the only thing that you will be able to do is to laugh a while as the game is made mostly to fulfill that purpose. The games concept is made to keep you on your toes all the time, but to always give you new material which makes you laugh. The story of the game is one of those you’ll laugh about, as Doc has experimented a bit and somewhere in that process he has turned his cat into a cactus. Now for a genius this shouldn’t be hard tasks to perform and reverse the whole process, but unluckily he can’t so he has figured out it is easier to travel through time and space rather than to convert mater to its original form. He built the time machine and wanted to go to past to stop himself from morphing his own cat to a cactus, but a small error occurred which took him to the future instead of the past. In some ridiculous way he has lost his time machine somewhere in the future but to be exact he has lost pieces of his machine, and now he is in an even bigger mess then at the beginning. So, he is in the future, his cat is in unchanged state and he almost doesn’t know what to do. The thing that contributes to the funny part of the game is the talking bag that comes along with Doc Clock on his journey. Sack is his or its name and his one ‘main’ purpose in the whole game and one normal. The ‘main’ purpose is to make jokes on Doc’s stupidities, and to ensure he insults him as much times as it’s possible. The other duty of the sack in the game is kind of logical as it is Doc’s inventory. After arriving to the future, you will discover that the humanity is no more and the world is ruled by robots. Like previously said in the beginning of the game, you don’t have anything, but with the first found part of the machine, a motorized chair, you will begin the assembly of your ride to travel to the past. Additional pieces you eventually add to the machine (your end-of-level rewards) serve no other purpose other than changing its appearance. Yeah, you can add junk parts you happen upon (like propellers and rockets) to change the physics, control, or speed of your craft, but the junk-parts that you add to the vehicle won’t transform it into a new design that will be completely be changed, it will only add another detail to an already increasing group of items added. Building your way to the goal is really engaging, and you'll spend a decent amount of time simply messing around with your abilities. Additional option that this game offers is rewinding time. This sounds more of a Prince of Persia option to me, as I haven’t seen it in another game, but it shows its potential in multiple situations. At any point the player can simply move a slider to the left, and every move previously made will play in reverse. There is one thing that will probably get to many players of this game and annoy them at times and that is the constant assembly and disassembly of the vehicle. Doing this is kind of fun, but doing it all the time especially when you can’t get the right combination that you need, well that is another story. But the major thing that will present a problem at a certain situation is the games controls. Sure there is the fix button through the time rewind, but you can’t go forever like that… That is why slight adaption will be necessary for completing the game. The game is jewels for itself, but it has a couple of badly cut edges that will be cut better (we hope) in the next part and provide with a 100% pure game satisfaction.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 64

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