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Another one record beaten, Dota 2 Raise Prize Pool to $4 Million
This worth for 2015 International championship and this beats last year record.



Another one great new from Valve for Dota 2 players and fans also, they have released 2015 Compendium to their Dota 2 tournament the international last night, and they said the prize pool is raised overall to more than $4 million whats breath - taking really, and they have beaten record from last year.

The Compendium is first time introduced in 2013. Each Compendium is $10 and each sale raising prize pool by $2.50. How prize pool growing that this hitting more rewards. Compendium owner all players and cases. When Compendium reach $4,5 million for example Valve going to add new loading screens to the game.

In March they sold 10.000 tickets for 2015 International for less than 10 minutes what's really unbelievable.




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