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In 4 Elements, save an ancient kingdom from certain destruction by unleashing the powerful forces of earth, air, fire, and water. In Around the World in 80 Days, travel the globe through land, sea, and air in a wonderful game inspired by the classic novel from Jules Verne. Both games together offer more than 140 fabulous levels of Match 3 action for the entire family to enjoy. Use spectacular power-ups, take on innovative challenge rounds, and indulge in gorgeous full-screen graphics. With fun bonuses to earn, two incredible storylines, and a rewarding screensaver, this two-for-one deal is quite a steal!

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    Match 3 games are always there to satisfy our needs, but to be honest not much of them can provide with enough challenge for us and besides challenge some kind of story and graphics in the game that will give us a real sensation of gameplay. Now you have on your disposal a double pack of two excellent games which will provide you with match 3 madness you will hardly forget. 4 Elements and Around the World in 80 Days are two excellent games in match 3 games but also a bit of other genres. Here is a review about each of them separately: The four elements are probably the most powerful thing that exists on this planet, and the one thing that probably won’t be destroyed as it can’t! The same thing goes for another kingdom in the magical realm, where these four elements have much greater effect on the surroundings, as they are foundation of peace and tranquility for hundreds of years. But an unseen evil has corrupted the four elements making their source at the alter weak and finally shatter into pieces. To bring restoration, you must unlock four ancient books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards. Earth, Fire, Air and Water are needed for the life of the Kingdom, and only with their restoration to their place will the kingdom blossom again. On such important task, you can’t and won’t be left alone to fight, as there is a very powerful and experienced fairy there to help you whenever you need her help. The game is basically a match 3 game, but it contains other genres in the game, not in such a great amount as match 3 but enough to make a difference and give it the change it needs now and then. The four books that need to be unlocked contain four magic cards apiece that are revealed at the conclusion of four gem-matching levels each, a total of 16 levels per book and 64 for the entire game. But what would be a game without a great story, and it actually is great. The splendid story that is written gives the game additional boost that makes the game so great. Before the matching game starts your initial task is to remove an evil spell to unlock the first book of magic. This requires a special key, revealed only once you’ve completed a prescribed object hunt and you will be starting with the book of Earth. Here, players find all the pieces of objects needed to find the key to unlock the book. You need to locate the four missing pieces of the book where every piece has its own four levels that need to be finished to get to him. There is nothing new, as with all match 3 games to notice in the gameplay. It is the same match 3 cases, but the cause for which you solve is different! In the first book, Earth, your progress will be followed by the flow of green energy through the field. As you move through the field, the camera, or the field moves with you. You don’t have to clear all the tiles from the field to get the energy to its destination (in case of fire, red energy flowing to the place where fires burns, with water the blue energy to the place where it becomes a waterfall, etc…) where the green energy turns into a tree of life. But getting to the goal is not as easy as it sounds! At the first levels maybe, but later when extra tile layers are added under the gems that require multiple matches to clear. Also cast into the mix are frozen jewels, stones and unmovable blocks. But it is not all just to keep you busy; there are power-ups to help you in your progress, to be precise four of them. The shovel which clears one tile, while other bonuses consist of a bomb for clearing a small area, swap for trading two pieces, and rearrange for moving all the tiles in hopes of getting better matches. Creating matches of associated gem colors recharges each power-up. After concluding each of four four-level segments, a magic card is revealed that you must restore by identifying several key differences between the original and its corrupted form. If you get stuck somewhere the fairy is there to offer you a hint if you need it. What characterize the game are definitely its beautiful looks and divine graphics and the music that will get under your skin. The game is given a very nice story which it used to its full potential making it interesting as you read a good book or if you have enough imagination watch a movie playing in front of you. The game genre combination is done also very good making any possible monotony break into pieces before it even begins. The other game in the double pack is the game: Around the world in 80 days. This must be one of the most read books in the world. Movies are movies, and they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes the words can mean more than the pictures can describe. In this novel by Jules Verne, a group of London’s richest men is sitting in their own private club and talking about the news from the world, and one of them was the opening of the new railways in India. Phileas Fogg said that it is possible to make a trip around the world in 80 days and he intends to prove it. Setting a bet with the members of the club at 20.000£ (which value is about 50 times bigger today) Fogg meant serious business. Almost every aspect of the game is done just like how it stands in the book. You will see in the beginning of the game how Phileas Fogg is preparing himself and his balloon for the trip around the world. Of course he has his servant Passepartout by his side to help him on his journey. Character dialog between levels tells of Fogg's adventures with his servant, Passepartout. Fogg expands on the story through his journal writings. Using two approaches to tell the story nicely balances the game in contrast to some games that overdo storytelling with long text. Those who don't want to waste time with the story can click "skip" to quickly bypass it. The game follows the story with the beginning in London and the travel over the four continents and back to London again. The point of the game is to get the stamps from every country that you visit as evidence for the club members that he has really been in those countries. The games is match 3, so you will be traveling from place to place in the world, and solving the match 3 boards you will be getting you stamps at the end, and you can proceed to the next location you need to visit. As for the power-ups, the game system for them is pretty simple. To win them you need match 4 or more. The first and basic power-up is a hammer, which can knock out one tile, remove one lock, or melt one freeze. But if you want something more powerful then you mustn’t use it, instead just leave it be and keep making match 4 or more and upgrade your power-up into something more powerful and more efficient. The super hammer can destroy all the tiles of a selected color. Upgrade all the way to a super bomb. But there is a catch with the power-ups. The ones you earn on the level you are playing you will use on the end of it. It is shame that the power-ups aren’t transferred to the next levels of gameplay as it might give a bit more strategizing in the game. The difficulty of the levels will increase as you are advancing in the game, and some levels will be impossible to get through without using the power-ups. On the last day of visiting a country, the game objective changes. You will get the stamps for the evidence with your friends, and the difference between these levels from other others levels is that you need to have a complete clear field to get it. The graphics is astonishingly beautiful. And while playing you can watch the spectacular backgrounds representing each country change as the day passes by. You will find yourself in rainy London and shining Paris, in hot Egypt and exotic India... (And you can enjoy the views anytime during the game by clicking the eye icon at the top of the screen). As you unlock the places in the world, you will get screensavers as a reward which adapt to your time zone and change as the day passes by. This also goes for the game scenes, as the day goes into night the game scene changes too. When you get really far in the game, there will be levels which are very heavy to deal with, and they will require moving tile to the side (left or right) to be able to solve them in some way. The only time that the game doesn’t stick to the book, is when Phileas Fogg is visiting U.S.A. The game developer has decided to use the pirate theme here, in the whereabouts of San Francisco. As for other options in the gameplay, you decide on the beginning of the game will you use the tips the game offers or not. They are mostly useful, but you will encounter when they repeat themselves without any reason at all. All in all we have a match 3 game that will pretty much satisfy the players and fans of this genre, and I can’t forget the sound in the game, as it is done in most very impressive way and quality. When you summarize all things together, you get a game that is fun, challenging, and beautiful and lets you feel its effects and beauties even when you aren’t playing it. Putting this all together you will be a proud owner of two fantastic match 3 games which will take you on a journey that will take hours, and for the fans of the genre it presents a chance to make up if they missed to play such greatly done two games.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 95

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