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Country life is no picnic and with this fantastic duo of farming games, you'll get to experience the fast-paced frenzy firsthand. In Farm Frenzy, enjoy the original rush as you raise farm animals to produce goods and sell them at the local market. In Virtual Farm, take charge of your own ranch to grow crops, construct processing plants, and name your own price as the entire experience is in your hands. Enjoy hours of farming with two great titles that offer everything you need to become a great farmer. Keep animals fed and safe from bears, create scrumptious cupcakes, turn milk into cheeses, and make fine fabrics from wool. Plant crops, water the fields, and pick your produce. When all is ready, send it to market and make big profits to upgrade your farm. The fun is endless!

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  • Double Pack Farm Frenzy and Virtual Farm

    This double pack contains almost two same games, but every one of them is done in its own way. Farm Frenzy and Virtual Farm are very similar but yet different in the same time. The best way to explain this farming madness is comparing their pros and cons, and you can do that by reading this review, even though we are talking about the original releases which are gotten old in the game world, farm fanatics never forget. Let’s start with the older one: Farm Frenzy is a game that has developed and went through and plans to go through so many themes in the farming industry, but this one, the first one is plain old farming nothing else. In these 45 levels, if not more, you get to experience what a real farm requires from you to be done, but luckily without the smell… There are ducks, cows, sheep’s and a bunch of different facilities that you must build, upgrade and use to earn cash that you need to do all of this. At the beginning it sound like a closed circle, but the game gives you possibilities to earn cash straightaway, but you have to be careful how you do it. Earning cash, especially on the beginning levels is not that hard and later it also doesn’t pose a problem, but the problem happens when you must thing strategically and figure out what is the best way to earn money, which has the smallest amount of loss on time and procedure. The gameplay of the game is very simple, and pretty much familiar to everyone, but here it is one more time in short: You have to buy animals to earn cash, to earn cash from animals they give you different products (eggs, wool, milk), but for them to give products you need to feed them with grass which grows by pulling water from a well, but to pull water from the well you need cash. So this can sound pretty complicated when someone describes it like this, but actually it’s pretty simple. After different products are finished you sell them to earn cash, but besides the basic products you can use them, to make the final products and sell them for more money. Every product has its factory through which it can be processed into better products, more valuable when sold, which you will need to finish the level as the end goal of the level can be anything. It can be for example in the beginning levels to collect enough number of eggs, then it grows into products that can be get only through processing eggs in a factory. But as you have time limit, you have to keep an eye on it. You won’t have a game over, but winning gold or silver trophy is desirable, so you don’t have to do a lot of repetition of levels in the lack of stars which you need to upgrade factories. Factories aren’t always there, so you will have to buy them and after that as you advance through the game, upgrade them for faster production. You also have to be aware of the menace in the form of bears, which are there to chase you animals away and do much more damage. Just cage them and sell them and you will have the problem solved. There are a lot of accomplishments that can be won in the game, like earning a million dollars, collecting a certain number of goods, winning at every level golden medal, and so on… Now about the second game in the double pack, Virtual Farm: For someone who really loves farming, this is a great game! You start here from scratch, as you inherit a farm which is crying for help. Luckily, you are an old and experience farmer, and can make money from a farm even if it doesn’t look like there is anything that could be sold. The only thing that is growing on the whole farm is grass. Someone, would just give up, but grass also can mean money if you know where to sell it. So your adventure begins and you do everything do bring back the farm to its feet piece by piece. As you are selling grass you will be able to buy additional vegetables to seed, but also fruit and flowers. As you earn money, you can purchase additional plots for more crops, up to a total of 60 beds. Although you have to start small and be content growing grass and tomatoes to sell, eventually you'll earn enough dough to really get things moving! As you progress through the game, it will provide with additional equipment and upgrades to make your farming easier. Get a new tiller to help fertilize the ground, upgrade your harvester to help you get those crops to market faster, build a larger storage center to keep goods on hand until their demand is high and even trade in your watering can for a far-reaching hose. But besides the farming there is also another part in the game, which sounds similar with the Farm Frenzy, at least the part with cows. You don’t have to sell the grass, but instead you can feed it to the cows, and for that they will give you milk as a product. The same thing goes for pigs and sheep’s. Feeding the sheep’s with cucumbers will give you wool, and the pigs with tomatoes, will give you meat. You will earn a lot of money this way, but the biggest cash comes from contracts made with the locals for certain product or harvest. You will establish a contract which if fulfilled can make you a very wealthy man, or if failed to fulfill can mean the end of your farm. The market of goods must be always watched for, as the prices of goods there are constantly changing. So try to figure when is the best time for you to sell your products and to earn the biggest amount of cash. The game has a bit more flaws than the Farm Frenzy, as you will encounter building that need to be torn down so you can make new ones, and make them again, because of the lack of place to build them. This all costs money, and may get you low on cash if not careful. All in all we have here two wild farm games, that will make your farming day complete. Even if not the newest, they will still fulfill their duty and give you one fun time with Farm Frenzy and Virtual Farm.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 44

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