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Escape to the magical world of Faye and her family in Dream Chronicles - The Chosen Child, the third installment of the popular Dream Chronicles series. Search breathtaking scenes of a fantasy wonderland for hidden clues and solve perplexing puzzles to help Faye recover her memory and rescue her daughter, Lyra, from the clutches of the Fairy Queen, Lilith. A bold blend of hidden object challenges and engaging adventure, Dream Chronicles - The Chosen Child features innovative gameplay, rich graphics, an enchanting storyline, and so much more. Visit the mysterious world of Dream Chronicles in the free demo version, or play the full version and experience an incredible journey to a place just beyond your dreams. Faye and Fidget need you once more. Join them in Dream Chronicles - The Chosen Child today!

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    This is the third installment in the adventure games series Dream Chronicles. It is an engrossing adventure as you journey along the paths and mazes of the dreamy world with Faye, the main hero of the series. The sequel to Dream Chronicles 2 has a coherent story line which leads the player on a quest full of challenging puzzles and tasks. There are no lists of items to be spotted like in the average hidden object game genre and you can explore the mystical realms and follow the story to solve logical puzzles and pick up clues on what to do next. Creating magical potions, looking for constellations with the help of telescope, piecing together a sewing machine, unscrambling words, playing Simon and sliding games, locating items in the right place are some of the tasks that you perform throughout the game. A magical world of discovery awaits you to play games for free and uncover hidden clues to help Faye save her daughter from Fairy Queen Lilith and reveal the secret prophecy. The Chosen Child introduces the Nexus (akin to Myst) which is a series of gateways that allow you to travel to different interconnected locations after you figure out how to unlock them. Unlocking the nexus requires special devices which would be available as you gather dream pieces and gold nuggets along the game. The visuals and the breathtakingly gorgeous scenes in the game are a pleasure. The enchanting background score adds to the charming dream world effect. The hint system and the length of the game disappoint a bit but overall it is one of the greatest hidden object adventure games of the decade. This is one online games download you don't want to miss.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 47

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