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The Driftwood Inn is a source of many fond childhood memories, so much that it once inspired your dream of one day owning a seaside retreat. As time flew by, the dream vanished but a news report announcing the auction of this majestic Inn now has you wondering if it's time to chase that vision once again. Is it possible to live out your dream? Sign on the dotted line and make it a reality as you restore the Driftwood Inn. The old gem has fallen into disrepair but with the help of the manager and her darling cat, you can bring back the Inn's Victorian era brilliance. Explore luxurious guest suites, collect useful hidden items, and transform each room into a charming retreat. Use the money earned to customize the exterior, painting it with a fresh coat, planting a beautiful garden, and more in your own custom way.

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    Introduction: There can be a lot of motives for the theme of our game as it has a lot of stories leading to this place whether they are good or bad. What I really mean, is where in the world will you hear, see and ‘survive’ all kind of things that you probably only hear about from other people or read somewhere. From where I come from this is a normal situation and they are mostly bad, but this doesn’t mean that it all has to be bad (a showdown with cops or other form of crime), as there are less bad and mostly very wisely hidden secrets. So if you have a tendency for this an inn is probably a right place for you, but to open an inn you have to make it accessible to everybody and wanted as well, otherwise you can forget those juicy things. Gameplay: So this is what makes this game so interesting and which of course makes you ready for the new challenges that await you ahead. The dream that you have waited for a very long time has finally able to become reality. There is an auction going on, where the item of purchase is the Driftwood Inn. With nothing to hold you back any longer the road for that dream is now opened and you head to see your Inn for the first time and there is a big surprise waiting for you there. “A big surprise comes in small packages”, that is what people normally say, but the fact is this surprise is full of small things that together make a very big problem. The whole building is a total mess, to put it mildly, and not just the interiors, but also the exterior of the Inn. ‘Luckily’ you are not alone in this mess as there is the Inn manager to help you get around and to remind you on things that you can do in the situation that you are currently found. There is something that you need to know straight away about the manager who is helping you get around, and that is that she is very annoying. It’s not from the beginning like that, because most of the people will appreciate her help on the beginning levels, but as the game advances and you keep getting advices that you already heard one too many times, it starts to go a bit on your nerves as it is coming in form of pop-ups. Anyway, the whole thing goes around the hidden objects that you need to find in the game and perform different actions with them. Because this game is a straightforward game when it comes to items and their usage, if you aren’t here for relaxation and some pure hidden object interface, this game isn’t for you. As the game starts with the introduction, which is mentioned above, you enter the game as you enter the first room of the game where the game gives you a task which you need to complete. The first task in first room is to use the items you already have in your possession and put them in their right places across the room, which starts to provide the rooms with necessary item for customers to use. This might sound easy as its being said, and most of it will be easy, but there are some everyday items for which you won’t be able to find the right place as the possibilities lie in every corner of the room. After the first visit to the first room ends then comes the second and third visit. In fact to be precise in the first room there is only two visits, while all other rooms are visited three times. The second time around you will be searching for specific items which will have two functions. One of the functions is providing you with coins which you will use for upgrades, while the other function is unlocking additional rooms in the game. You will get a list of things and you will go by that list until it is cleared out. The third time when you enter the room you will be searching for 15 items which you need to collect for the buyer of the room, which will be renting the room and of course from which you will be collecting rent during the game. Like I already mentioned items give coins and coins are needed for upgrades. The upgrades are needed to continue the game but you cannot buy upgrades randomly just like that. There is a certain line of upgrades that must be bought first to be able to buy better upgrades later in the game. The upgrades mostly vary in the exterior design of the Inn that is available in a couple of different patterns for you to decorate it as you wish. If an obstacle appears during the game, whether it is in the first or second or third time around in the room, there is a magnifying glass that you can find lying around the rooms which acts as a hint system to help you get around the game. The hint can be used in a couple of ways like a ‘magnet’ which attracts you to the items which need to be found, a cat which will shake all of the items that need to be picked up, and a party popper that will illuminate all of the items that are currently located on the list of items that you need to find. Graphics and sound: The game’s graphics is shown in the best way as you keep your eye on the progress of the Inn exterior and how it is progressing as you are buying upgrades. Don’t get me wrong there isn’t anything wrong with the search for items graphics, but the key element of the game is the fact that enables you to changes the Inn’s appearance. The sound and music is a simple average, as there is voice acting in the game, but only at some occasions, while the music didn’t present anything to me, because I usually listen to my own music during these games. The game’s replay value is zero as the whole thing will repeat itself at the same places, so enjoy the first time around as there probably won’t be a second time at least for a while.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 235

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