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Dr. Corey Foster is a skilled psychiatrist with the unique ability to enter others' dream states and change them. Because of her extraordinary talent, she's been invited to oversee a surge of psychiatric illnesses at the Dream Seekers research clinic. A normal sunny day finds her tending to patient's therapy when it turns baffling, as similar haunting visions inhabit all of her subjects. What exactly is going on and why is Dr. Foster now having those similar visions as well? Join Dr. Foster and help her uncover the mysterious cause of these strange conditions. Travel between reality and dream worlds, healing patient's nightmares and searching for answers via surreal hidden object scenes. Play smart mini-games, locate useful items, and solve demanding puzzles. Can you unmask the true purpose of these unwanted images?

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    When it comes to dreams things are always a bit hectic, as different people have different dreams, but what about dreams that feel so real and when you think of it and look in to the past some of us can remember their dreams coming true which kind of gets creepy at times… In this game however dreams are the topic (logically) but the key role is not what you are dreaming. The key role is in the character that is able to read your worst fears and nightmares. Dr. Corey Foster has that ability and she has devoted her life to help other people to conquer their nightmares by entering them and help them understand what they mean. But a couple of last patients, four to be exact, besides their disturbing dreams, she is starting to have her own but they are not just dreams, they are appearing more in a form of visions. Dr. Corey Foster is used to seeing this type of dreams and nightmares however when you start seeing a red fox wondering through them over and over again this can’t be a good sign at all. The game leads you throughout both of the worlds, the real one and the one you are dreaming in. You will be doing a lot of traveling between them as actions done in one world affects the other too. However the funny thing is that the items you pick up in the dream world will also be available in the real world and of course the other way around. All of this is done to help your patients to be able to discover more from both world and to confront both of them easier. However, there is your own personal mission in this dream catching game, as you constantly see a hallway leading to a locked door. This kind of reminds me of a movie from the Matrix trilogy, a scene from the movie that is. Another thing is the headline of the game, because Dr. Corey Foster sees glimpse of a red fox in every vision. The Red fox is known a lot in the Japanese culture, and as much as I can figure out the Red Fox represents the dream wonderer or something like that. You could realize through the so far reviewing that you will be doing a lot of item management especially within your inventory. This is a second game that I have reviewed that uses a system of giving ‘clues’ to what items you need to find, that uses the circle system. This helps a lot and relieves us of pointless searches for items that we even don’t know how they look like. There are mini-games available throughput the gameplay which mostly have one intention and that is to give you the possibility to unlock the patients mind the first you enter his/hers dreams. The mini-games are straight forward and fairly easy to complete, including a jigsaw puzzle, matching games and a fishing puzzle. During the gameplay you will collect dream shards that will unlock additional mii-games for you to play and which can be accessed through the title menu. Like always if you are having trouble with the items or the path on which you are there the hint system to help you when you need it, as it is rechargeable it is almost always there. As for the visuals of the game, you won’t notice anything special with the graphics as these days we have used to seeing hand drawn graphics with some very nice details. However the thing that is going to surprise us is the worlds you are going to visit are totally different from one patient to another. Every patient has its own nightmare and the world in which he goes throughput those nightmares, and the game developers made sure that every player will notice that fact, because everything is special for itself. But on the other hand when the game has cut some slack is in the audio. The games background and the soundtracks are really something beautiful and calming and they fit the games theme as you travel from one side to another. However, there is no character audio, to be exact there is no characters that are speaking to each other, not even a single pip… So to conclude this game is nothing serious to be thrilled about, however it has shown some potential especially when it comes to combining the story with the gameplay and giving this en result. HOG fans will be pleased, newcomers also, but the ones who are expecting a bit more from the games they are buying, I don’t think so… Try the demo and see which one are you.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Size 304

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