DRM Freedom sale on Humble Bundle is live!

DRM Freedom sale on Humble Bundle is live! description



Humble Bundle is a great place to get some awesome games at a humble price, and they offer something called a "Humble bundle".  You get some awesome, but random, games for only 12 USD per month.

Anyways they are holding a DRM-Free sale during this week, and some pretty sweet games are on sale right now. If you buy a game during the sale, you will get a key to activate the game on Steam.


So what to buy?

Undertale is a great game with a rich story, multiple way of playing, you can play the games a few time and every time you'll get different dialogues with other characters, and it has an amazing OST. It is 8€ on sale right now, down from 10 €.

Another great game is The Stanley Parable. I won't say much since it would spoil everything. 

Outlast is a pretty awesome horror game and definitely worth the 3€ price.

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