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Earth Eternal is a graphical massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is under development of Sparkplay Media. The game was announced as back on 10 January, 2007 and is scheduled for the released sometime in 2009. However exact date is not confirmed by the developers or the publishers. Once released it will be free to play for bonuses. The game can only be played on Windows. Any other version like for Mac OS will be released later. Other than developing game Sparkplay Media is also publishing the game. The game starts with titans ruling the earth. The mightiest titans Kronos and his wife Gaia are ruling the world. For many centuries Titans rule the earth and elemental dragons and faeries serves as servant to Titans. Now the fairies and dragons grew restless; led by their spirit mother, Agalarna, they sought to overthrow their masters. The rebellion ends in a disaster, and for their treachery Kronos took their powers source, Agalarna and set her on a comet leaving earth. Now friaries don’t have power to fight against the Titans. But Agalarna is not alone in the space, Dark Lord, Djall found her. He soon wraps her for his own purpose and follows the comet back to earth. Upon earth he hid himself. After Waiting for few months, he eventually finds a way to trick Titans entering an alternate dimension, thereby imprisoning most of them. Djall soon rose from the Earth to wage war on the Earth, but he was opposed by Gaia, who had not been so easily deceived.

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