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You dont have to be crazy to play this game. (But it helps.)...Edna wakes up in the padded cell of an insane asylum with no memory of her past or how she ended up there. Only one thing is for certain: She has been wrongfully imprisoned and must escape! After all, she feels totally sane and her talking toy bunny Harvey, wholeheartedly agrees. Together, they mastermind a daring breakout attempt, meeting up with numerous oddball inmates along the way. But Dr.Marcel, the sinister head of the institute, will do everything in his power to stop Edna. What evil scheme is brewing? Slowly, Edna begins to regain her memories of the past...Every character in this game has a screw loose. Some even two... Not to mention the talking stuffed rabbit! Welcome to madness on a massive scale in this extraordinarily detailed adventure that will have you wasting days of your life, on its challenging puzzles, hours of humorous dialogue and 120 (yes, 120!) locations!

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    Introduction: When you have an adventure game, this basically means you can get from anything to everything due to the large number of themes and possibilities that come within this genre. As from my point of view this genre has the biggest freedom when it comes to selecting which theme will be used and in what way and because of that reason we have encountered a game which is quite unusual for now. I have seen a TV show about how mad people feel like, and what does happen in their heads all the time, which kind of freaked me out to be aware of such things. Luckily there are mental institutions for such cases that come in more serious forms and special institutions for the ones with special needs. But this is all real life situations, not something you can laugh about, that is until you come across Edna & Harvey! The game has seen the light of the casual games world in the 2008, however the release was strictly German and therefor the American/European edition was waited for approximately two and a half years. The story of the game is about a woman called Edna, who is locked away in a mental institution, because of her illness. All of her companions are made of the guards, the psychiatric and her talking stuffed rabbit called Harvey. Edna doesn’t know why she is in there, all that she knows she is considered crazy. There is a period of lucidness or something else I don’t know, where Edna wants to breakout as she thinks she is not crazy and her stuffed bunny keeps telling her that all the time… Looking from our point of view it sounds kind of contradictory, but still promising as where you can find a game about crazy people… Gameplay: Edna in general doesn’t remember anything, but Harvey on the other hand tells her about some memories which he barely remembers himself about a time when Edna was a child and was a normal kid. Hearing this Edna decides that she needs to escape her prison and go to the place of those memories to try figuring out what happened to her. Edna will be searching around the game for clues to what happened to her, after she breaks free from her cell. Harvey, besides being her subconscious, will be her guide through many situations, as there will be times where only he can manage that type of situations. However Harvey’s role isn’t ended there. Harvey has another important function in the game, which allows him and Edna to go back in time and start searching for anything familiar that could help you discover something in the present or help you in the present. The gameplay is quite simple and there isn’t much to explain at first, but the variety of options and possibilities is very high which makes the game a bit confusing and very challenging. Everything is based on point-and-click and there isn’t much to tell there. The game then introduces four options for you to be able to control the game: “look at,” “pick up,” “talk to,” and “use,” Selecting the right option then begins as there are multiple uses for any of these options. To use a given option you click and drag it on a wanted item and doing that you interact with it. The game consists of many puzzles and most of them are used to teach Edna new tricks that will help her further that is in her first case how to get out of her prison. The first puzzles aren’t something that special as the beginning levels are limited to a couple of different rooms. First you will be influencing the environment, so certain changes can happen and give you the option of using items in your surroundings. An inmate has a plan of escaping the institution, however Edna needs to find the key, means of transportation and get them through the main gate (this sounds to me like: “You do all that needs to be done honey, while I take a nap…”) Anyway, to get this all done, many puzzles need to be solved, items moved and used, and at certain times this can become a real problem. As for me I didn’t have any problems with this game because I have the American version with walkthrough, while the British version hasn’t got one. For those who get stuck somewhere, Google for walkthrough of this game, as that is probably your only exit. Now I mentioned this sometimes during this review about the laughing during the game, and there will be probably a lot of it considering that this is a game about people who are locked away in a Looney. The gameplay is besides the puzzles based on different dialogues that happen between the characters and you can expect a lot of them in the game, as they are the key feature for changing the environment you are in. There will be situations during the where you will read the text, won’t figure it out at all, but still laugh until you explode as that is the games purpose and theme of course, for crazy people! Graphics and sound: The part of the game that contributes to that craziness is the games graphics which is definitely quite different than the one you are probably used to. The graphics are some sort of mix with Simpsons and Looney Tunes bizarre version which kind me got to thinking is it possible that a not so normal team has made this game after all? The music is something special definitely when it comes to this game, but let’s be realistic the game itself is pretty much special. The music represents all of the terrors of the world when you do certain scenes with Edna, making a normal weird scene into something very terrifying. Because of the large number of dialogues the manufactures had to try on this one really hard, which they did, and as an end result Edna got a sweet devilish voice that can creep you out even more, giving the game some extra points from my point of view. The is different and this is good as if it had been more like the so far games, the results would probably be very low, while like this we got a game worth playing especially for the ones who want to feel changes from everyday games.

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Size 5

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