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Walk through the ruins of an ancient tomb and get a family to safety in Escape the Lost Kingdom Premium Edition, a thrilling hidden object adventure. After being invited to a newly opened museum in the heart of Egypt, a young family comes across the long lost tomb of a cursed Pharaoh. Their curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to explore more, but this little side trip soon becomes dangerous when the trap-infested tomb splits them up. Now, they must not only find each other, but also hope to make it out alive. Help the young family reunite safely. Play as each of the members and work your way towards the others. Use magical Glyph Vision goggles to find areas of interest, and the Time Amulet to solve puzzles. Search for helpful objects, collect special items, and discover the story behind the Pharaoh. For a special treat, turn on the 3D game mode, put on a pair of 3D glasses, and watch the game pop out of your screen! (Please note that 3D glasses are not provided.) Critics say Escape the Lost Kingdom is "a lot of fun to play" while "blending the individual components into a sharp, entertaining overall package that has a lot to offer hidden object fans and adventure gamers alike". Experience it for yourself when you play Escape the Lost Kingdom Premium free with the demo version or download the full version today!

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    Escape the Lost Kingdom, and hidden object/adventure game, and with its first of a kind 3D graphics. But besides being able to play certain levels and scenes in 3D, you won\'t feel the lack of hidden objects scenes and some mini-games to shake you up. A family found themselves in a new museum opened in Egypt, and then found themselves around the tomb of an cursed Pharaoh. You know the expression: \"Curiosity killed the cat\", here we have something similar. They were too excited being there and found themselves trapped in the tomb, split up from each other. The main characters of this game are the children Francis and Emily, the parents play occasional roles to but the game is focus on them mostly. They both got powers from mystical items, and are able to look back in past and detect the secrets of the ancient Pharaohs. Dad, caries three different tools for breaking three different things, while Mom caries the game journal. You\'ll definitely find yourself in situations when the constant talking of the kids gets on your nerves, but that diminishes after a while. You need to keep an eye on the items hidden in every room, because believe me backtracking is sometimes almost impossible. The hidden object scenes include the usual hint system, drop-down \"help tabs\" are available in each room to provide information about the current task and Mom\'s journal is also a valuable source of information. If all else fails, game puzzles can be skipped entirely. Luckily the game tells you when the location is cleared - so if you have finished the puzzles but location isn\'t \"cleared\", it means that you left a hidden object behind. It\'s fun to watch the hidden scenes pop-out in 3D, while it has its own glance, but when you are searching for a hidden object, it can get a bit confusing. But the game developers thought of that, so whoever plays in 3D mode isn\'t limited in some levels with time limit, or if you prefer it that way, you can switch to 2D, and bypass the 3D sequences. So all put together, we have a too short for most of the fans, with a story with a nice touch to it, and a bit more challenging wouldn\'t hurt. A nice graphics, with enough of mini-games, puzzles and HO, to make this game interesting if only there were a couple of more rooms to investigate and lengthen the game...

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 19.95
Size 214

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