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Help Amy discover the secrets of her past in Family Mystery - The Story of Amy, an original hidden object game from the creators of the hit Mortimer Beckett series. An orphan since infancy, Amy never got the chance to meet her parents and her grandparents never spoke of their past. But her grandmother's diary and a book of old photographs sends Amy on an eye-opening journey into her family's exciting, amusing, and shocking history. Join Amy as she flips through the pages of her family album, each one featuring masterfully hand-drawn images with cleverly hidden objects. Find the hidden objects to bring the picture to life in stunning color and reveal the stories of 15 of Amy's relatives. Try the free trial version, or download the full version and experience challenging mini-games, a historical, and often humorous, storyline, two great ways to play, and unique gameplay. Play this unique hidden object game today!

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    Just as the name suggests, this game is yet another riveting addition to the popular hidden object game genre. The plot of the game is very enticing and opens just like an on-the-edge thriller movie. Meet Amy, the protagonist who lost her parents in an accident before she could see them. She has been brought up by her grandparents who always kept the story about Amy's past a big secret from her. Amy decides to go back on her trail to find out and solve the mystery surrounding her life and her origin. Thus, begins an interesting ride into Amy's past. While on visit to her grandparents, Amy succeeds in getting into the attic in which she was never allowed to enter while she was a kid. She finds an old dusty photo album and hopes to find the information she needs. The photo album has neatly drawn pictures and contains hidden objects. As you go on finding out the objects, The picture comes to life from grey scale to a fully colored picture after all the hidden objects have been found out. Each page of the album contains pictures of specific members from Amy's family. There are 15 photos with hidden objects in them and which have clues to Amy's past. The hidden objects can be viewed either as the name of the items or as pictures. The hidden objects are very common objects like fork or a knife etc. The game is fun to play and also offers adequate amount of clues to spot the hidden objects. What is more exciting is that the users can also earn some clues or hints by paying and successfully completing the quick mini games. With its vibrant and neatly etched out pictures, an interesting storyline and a long ride into Amy's past, this one is a keeper!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 58

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