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How to Join a Co-Op Game in Far Cry 4

This is not tough. When you are done with Act 1, you will find a 'H' mark in map. Go there and meet that person. You can now host or join a Co-Op game. First, run the game and then open the map. Visit the Co-op section and select invite player or join Co-op from there. That is it. 



Sending Keys to Kyrat

Go to the Redeem Code section of the menu. Now click on 'Exclusive Content' and then the Redeem Code option. Now put in the keys that you got when purchased the game. That is it. You are almost done. Now go to the main menu and visit Exclusive content. Select send key to kyrat from there. Select your friend here and that is it. 

Does Far Cry 4 Work Better On Console? 

This is a common question of gamers after almost every game release. The answer is yes, it looks different. The console version and the PC version are different in terms of the graphics. The scenario and the game play will still be the same though but the graphics will vary. 

Save Game Problem 

You can't save the game when you are on a mission. So, if you are not being able to save this game that means that you are on a mission. Finish that and you will be able to save the game. 

Black Screen Problem

Simply download and install the first/second patch of Far Cry 4. This will solve all your Screen problems. 


If you have more problems then comment here in this article and we will solve those. 
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borg(Master Yoda) December 3rd, 2014

Hi Andres Ljälin, did you check Patch 2?

Andu300(Andres Ljälin) December 2nd, 2014

When i start ride with elephant my game crash and i get Farcry4.exe has stop working help!!

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