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Alright, so the huge release of Ubisoft released last night. People were waiting a lot for this game and hopefully, Ubisoft was able to meet their requirements this time. 

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People loved the fact that you can sleep and spend time setting up an alarm in your watch. The most amazing thing was the power of decision taking. You will have complete decision taking ability in this game for each and every mission. Though both the missions will have the same end result but you can choose to do it in different ways (Actually 2 ways). This is really amazing and this is why people will definitely complete this game twice. 

The graphics is interesting and the best among all the Far Cry series. The most amazing feature is that you can use animals as weapons in this game. Especially the Elephants can be used as weapons. 

The location of Nepal is brilliant and you will surely love the gameplay. 




Problems & Solutions

As the game recently released, people are having some issues with the gameplay, settings and some other panels. Let's solve a few of those problems. 

If you are finding the shadows problematic then there is a simple solution to this. Make sure that your ambient occlusion is set as SSAO or OFF which will solve the shadow problem. 

If you can't see the map of this game then simply do this: Go to your Data_Win32 Folder and cut patch dat and patch fat from there. You don't need these files.

If you are finding other errors then do contact us in our Facebook page SheepArcade and we will solve your issue. 



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