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Save the world's produce from a devious corporation in Farm Craft 2 - Global Vegetable Crisis, a spirited ranch house romp. Ginger has been hard at work, becoming CEO of her own farming company after getting her grandparent's farm up to code. But a visit to her old stomping ground quickly turns into something more fortuitous as she discovers that a rival corporation is selling experimental seeds to farmers. They claim to produce abundant crops, but Ginger uncovers a devious plot full of international intrigue that takes her around the world. Join Ginger on her quest to help farmers in this lively ranching adventure. Use your farming skills to plant seeds, sow crops, and raise farm animals for goods. While you're restoring the farms with healthy foods, be sure to investigate the shifty competitor and grab samples of their experimental crops. Can you figure out their plans and stop them? Find out when you play Farm Craft 2 - Global Vegetable Crisis free with the demo version, or download the full version today!

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    Ginger the heroin own the Farm Craft, has work very hard and become the CEO of the Tomato Corporation. But now she got an invitation from her grandparents to come and visit them are their farm, and relax a little bit. But while she was there she decided to help the farmer Robert with her skills and experience, but then she finds out he isn\'t the only one who need help. So she starts with her helping out the farmers that need her skills, but she also investigates why this is happening. The game consists of 24 levels, and you don\'t have to worry about the length of the game while every level has enough tenths of minutes to play. Besides them there are also a couple of action levels that need to be completed, but first the normal levels. Here you have to do what you mostly do on every farm game, plow the ground, seed it, water it, harvesting, and then selling. You do the selling of flowers, fruits, and crops in a barn. You can also have animals on your farm, like pigs, bees and cows. Now as for the bonus levels, even if they are pretty shorter from the normal ones, you have to perform tasks such as activating electric generators, meeting agents, avoiding to be caught by guards, or stealing special crops that the rival company is distributing around farms. There is something wrong with that specials seeds, and you must take samples to figure out what is it. As you progress you also observe as the job is building up and you can\'t catch up with everything. This is where the game stands out the most from the others. You have the possibility of hiring workers for your chores on the farm, like pickers of the fruit and vegetables, livestock breeder, a garden assistant and a crop waterier, and a manager that pays the whole gang. As this is the biggest advantage of the game it is also its biggest weakness. It\'s OK when the workers are collecting and working for you, but that work can sometimes cost you of the levels goal and can get a bit frustrating. But this game has a couple of aces in her sleeve. Like there are levels when Ginger has to plant something in the middle of the desert, but that requires some conditions to be satisfied, for example; you have to install irrigation plants and sprinklers. There are also levels that happen at night, and that to require its conditions, like night lights, but to start them they need electricity, and that means electrical generators, and that all so the workers can see what they are harvesting. This time management/Sim game has a good specter of new additions, and its fun to play to, but there are some lacks that could be better done. As I said before its greatest advantage is its greatest weakness so that could be fixed up a bit. Also through the game you are able to build building but sometimes they just cost too much. But this game has a lot of its positive sides, along with the graphics which is pretty respectable. So if you are a fan of this genre, you\'ll definitely enjoy it, if not you have the dome and try it.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 94

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