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Finishing up her duties, Scarlett receives a book from one of her marine friends. Reading the book, she finds out that a long time ago a courageous young woman, also named Scarlett, farmed her land in an effort to feed her country's soldiers and ensure the return of her beloved from the battlefield. Is this a coincidence, or is there something more magical that bonds these two women together? Help Scarlett find the answer as she peers back in time through 90 wonderful levels. Join ancient Scarlett as she races to grow crops, raise animals and produce essential goods. Be her guiding hand and send products to market on a galley, dispatch the chariot to fetch supplies, and protect the farm against barbarian bears. Between levels, follow the modern Scarlett in comic-style cut scenes as she solves the tantalizing mystery.

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    When you look from the perspective of Alwar games, this is a game that as it seems will never stop being played and will become probably one of the classics, memorized and played just like Super Mario was. This was probably their way of thinking as the game seems to be coming out every time slightly different, and to be honest I’m not so sure which part so far this is in the FF3 series. So lets us see what we got with this release, when compared to the previous editions of FF3. The story of the game is connected with the previous release of the FF3, as in Farm Frenzy 3: Gone Fishing, one of the dolphins found a book and brought it back to Scarlet. From what she has read Scarlet concluded that the book was very old, but what is more important is the tale of a young girl who did the exact same things like her, back in the days of Rome. She has tended for the soldiers so they always had supplies and food in their war ventures. As she reads the book so does the happening transfer to the Ancient Rome and what has happened there and how Scarlet from that time was managing a farm. This fact probably explains a lot of things about Scarlet and her ‘past lives’ as it seems she is a wondering soul who seems to only live to feed us with cakes, cookies, pies, pizzas, and other stuff until we say enough. Like I said in the beginning almost everything about the game is the same. The first introduction steps are identical to the ones of the previous games. From the animals, this time around are a duck, a sheep and a cow. A dog and a cat are also there to fulfill their duties, and of course the eternal enemies to make your life miserable, THE BEARS! So what is the difference in this edition compared to other previous ones? Well it is in the production, or to be exact the factories. The production stays the same with eggs converted to egg powder, milk into butter and so forth, to cookies and pies , etc…but the factories that do all that are now harder to upgrade as they require building materials. You collect the building materials for the reproducing factories in other factories which produce building material for money. As for he bears, like I said they are back again, but like in the most previous releases different from each other. What I mean is, in this sequel now they are barbarian bears. As for the rest of the game, everything else is pretty much the same; the well is there, delivery, ordering, tasks, trophies, etc… Now the difference lies in the graphical details as the theme is changes so the rest of the mentioned parts of the games are suited as much as they can be for the age they are from. Basically what we got here is a redesigned FF3 with almost the same features and for me this hasn’t produced such a big problem as I haven’t played all parts of the FF3 and the previous ones at all, so I still can play it without any problems. This game has been released for die-hard fans and of course some new comers who appear all the time, and this is just one nice introduction to the Farm Frenzy world. To conclude, we have a repainted game with some new features that mostly will be played by loyal fans, because of the vast number of the releases under the form of FF3, the characters have stayed the same, options have stayed the same, achievements also, challenges are a bit different, but still come down to the previous games. It is up to you to decide are you ready for another challenge from Alwar games and the FF series, and to see how you will like this new edition. For me the opinions will be shared here and the main decision will lie on the individual and not the public’s opinion.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 81

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